Michael Morey, President & CEO, Bluebird Networks

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Underground Data Centers – Redefining Data Security

With the inflating trend of deploying data centers, the data centers are now being moved to underground locations; upholding the rationale that businesses are demanding more and more security against the natural disasters and other such anticipated, seismic occurrences. Building data centers in rural undergrounds is acquiring new echelon, after the businesses have decided to taper their operational costs and slide towards impenetrable business modules. Bluebird Underground, strategically stationed at Spring, MO, and centralised to Tulsa, Dallas, St. Louis and Kansas City, apprehends such needs of the firms and provides unerring and infallible data center colocation and, carrier and enterprise services to these aspiring firms. Providing top notch data center, gigabit internet, colocation and transport facilities, Bluebird Underground is fostering scads of enterprises.

With mines carved out of natural limestone and located 85 feet below the earth, Bluebird Underground has sought to all the primary and cautionary measures. The 56,000 sq. feet data center has been equipped with all the data handling systems, including emergency generators, UPS and the back-up batteries that are 100% available. The humidity and standard temperatures are also maintained through the chilled water deliverances and cooling units. The company is indeed, highly meticulous towards the underground mine conditions and data security of their clients. They have been awarded for having the most unique office in the Springfield, by the Springfield Business Journal.

Additionally, the company has paid immense heed to the consumer security and uses ‘card access’ and ‘biometric installations’, permitting only authorised entry at the central data centers and other specified data centers; thus, steering clear from any data jeopardy. With FM -200 fire suppressions, double interlocked zoned sprinkler system and air sampling hosts, the Bluebird mines are screened against all the possible envisaged perils. “We have six distinct different levels of security that include biometric security, visual inspections, physical guard stations, card access, PIN access, and mantraps,” tells Michael Morey, President and CEO, Bluebird Underground.

An SOC 2 Type ll certified, the company expunges all the dubiety regarding the security of the client’s sensitive data. The company also has 60,000 miles fibre route miles and high-speed broadband and fibre-optic connections, compassing the Midwest, to add to its idiosyncrasy.

With seamless connectivity, brisk implementation calibre and world class network amenity, the company pushes on to proliferate from 6,000 miles to 9,000 miles’ floor space in the days to come. “We are looking forward to adding more data centers within a Midwest footprint and focus on expanding geographically to envelop surrounding states, in addition to gaining deeper insights into existing products, services and needs” says Morey. Unequivocally, the company is keeping high on its philosophy – “Below Ground, Above Standards”.