Jake A. Cummins, President, Cloudnexion

Cloudnexion-your connection to the cloud

Telecommunication and data center oracles

Witnessing the proliferating digitalisation of the nations, the businesses are being driven to endorse the better and contemporary commerce strategies to dash forward and become the next ace of the century. To mushroom globally, the firms are now taking to data centers, to become pandemic, through the internet. Making shrewd moves, the businesses are stepping into collaborations models to access and proffer best virtual services. One such ace company, catalysing these manoeuvres is Cloudnexion. A leading global, telecommunication consulting firm and cloud service provider, the company caters a galore of consumer requirements, winding up the chronic strivings of the firms. The company specialises in cloud services, collocation services to the firms, internet bandwidth and proffers bosting unified communication services. It helps businesses to achieve accelerated application performance, access global connectivity and scalability; thus, helping them run their telecommunication and IT infrastructures in alignment with their objects.

Serving clients from over 35 distinct countries in procuring data center environments, the company has a 15 years’ operating experience. Through a reliable network of over 800, ‘renewable’ energy suppliers, the company has regaled scores of ‘all strata enterprises’ to acquire the edge they have been looking for. Also, the company has worked with some top enterprises like Fortune 500 clients, carrier/wholesale clients, SI/VAS’s and SMB customers and with some major data centers as well.  

Additionally, the company also serves the European continent, through its collaboration partner – Interxion. Interxion has lately allied with Cloudnexion and with the support of this European colocation partner, Cloudnexion has been able to set-up 45 data centers across 13 European markets, with Clounexion being the consumer base. Partnered with Zscaler, one of the Forbes ‘ Top 100 cloud companies, it fortifies application access and puts forth online content inspection and native SSL inspection cloud intelligence like data screening services. The in-premise security solutions, that have been patched with multiple appliances are also surrogated regularly. Hence, the data and currency security is another top priority here.

The client services usually incept when a customer reaches their consultancy department. The department meticulously, mulls over the consumer demands and proffers them with the best solution; choosing from the batch of their most reliable and trusted partners. “We usually adhere to one or to suppliers that we are sure of based on the customer requirements, instead of providing ten quotes from different vendors”, says Jake A. Cummins. This way, the company not only screens customers from energy drainage, but also provides on-time remedial actions and the best data server services. Epitomising expertise in their field, the client request is moved expeditiously and with the best of vigilance. Once the consumer has chosen a data center, the further order processing is done by Cloudnexion, which includes fulfilment of all post sales requisites of their valued customers.

Anticipating for delivering much more stellar performances in the coming years, Cummins concludes by expressing his unflinching zeal to help more firms and says, “Our goal is to continue upon our success in 2017 and adhere to our mantra which is to provide value and insight to our customers as it relates to IT and Telecommunications infrastructure and procurement”.