Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner, Eden Technologies

Eden Technologies

Data Center Migration with the Best Technology

There can be a galore of reasons for migrating a data centre. However, when it comes down to choosing the best chaperone to perpetrate the task, there is certainly not a plethora of them. One such company with a well proven methodology and knows the very knack of data migration is Eden Technologies. The company philosophy relies on the gravity of delivering 100% each time. To deliver only the best, the company has fabricated EMMA software, an IT integrated platform combing the project management and runbook automation into single platform, for untangling the migration complexities. The EMMA works to assimilate all the data at a single platform, so that every line of officer, has access to the same real time data for ‘analytics, readiness, scheduling and reporting’.

With 15 years of delivering successful project transformations, the company has assisted scads of organisations in upgrading infrastructure expeditiously and catalysing data migrations. Beyond lies the very idiosyncratic methodology, that requires Conceptualize, Plan, Develop, Test, Pilot, Deploy, Enable, Manage and finally Communicate. Additionally, the EMMA software of this company is playing the ace of spades here. “EMMA is a workflow automation and data analytics tool that is specifically designed for the migration scenario,” asserts Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner of Eden Technologies. By integrating data center systems, while on one hand, EMMA offers easy consumer application updating; on the other, it possesses copious benefits like application rationalization, workflow management, migration scheduling and so on.

“We used EMMA to aggregate data from just about every system of record the university had. By providing a single source of truth we were able to help the client get organized quickly. When they decided to rapidly accelerate the project EMMA kept the migration on track with no outages.” says Sweeney; in regards of an education client who was able to tapered his migration time by nearly 50% through the very versatile approach of the company. The company has mushroomed globally, engulfing almost all the major sectors of the economy – legal, financial and banking institutions, medical and education.

EMMA has been one of the major reasons for the company being entitled as Garter’s Cool Vendor, 2017. Succouring organisations, the EMMA software has not flunked to reflect on its efficacy at any point. On such success story is, when a financial service provider MNC, was ending their lease and wanted to relocate their data center in different countries; Eden collaborated with the client and used EMMA to effectuate the actual move. The software was used to aggregate data and standardise the migration requisites, and deployed prompt project transition. Later Eden revealed that the client, was screened against the lease penalties that could have been levied on him, if the project was delayed.

Anticipating inexorable technological advancements and innovations, Eden Technologies is intending to further diversify, to serve the generation ahead with an undisturbed and peerless magnitude of proficiency. They are intending to incorporate ameliorated analytical tools alongside amenities for boosting the mechanical edification and tutelage calibre.