Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies


Transforming the Data Center landscape

In the current era of dashing technology, the firms are aiming for more and better stabilisation, and pounding on to ameliorated and catalysing data processes. Implementing expeditiously working data centers, incorporating the state of the art innovation, enterprises are now forging towards fully integrated and intelligently synchronised data centers. Accelerating the success run of the enterprises, EPI, a global leader of data center designing and rendering data center training framework alongside certification, validation and auditing services; operates to transform the overall data center structure and the IT infrastructure of the striving firms. Perforating through the vying firms and making it to the zenith, EPI operates an intercontinental leader, exclusively in the field of data center audit services and propounds proficient training framework for in the most client oriented way, such it not only fits their needs but also accelerates the very success rates.

Business Standardisation to enhance future prospects

Streamlining the benchmarks used in data centers globally, the company came up with a bosting operational standard called DCOS®, Data Center Operation Standard, synergised with the audit system of EPI, works as a standard booster for the firms; improvising the businesses and expunging the risk factors. Chairman and CEO of the EPI group of companies, Edward van Leent, says, “The DCOS® provides data center investors, owners, and operators a progressive approach to improve data center operations management, based on a framework that has great flexibility to adapt to specific business needs.” Aligning the 11 core basics required to run data centers proficiently, ANSI and ISO is streamlines with the ISO standard propositions; which further boosts the overall work efficiency and paves way for the efficient working. Every single DCOS® principle propounds 5 maturity levels, based on the ‘industry wide benchmarks’ and elaborated in the ISO maturity guidelines, and thus, positions the organisations whereby they can choose to start ameliorating through the business specific process.

By implementing their unbeatable auditing processes, the company makes the client organisations to walk down the 7 step compliance process, comprising some or all disciplines and their very integrations. The Data Center owners and operators are served with a transparent picture of each of the EPI audit levels and due feedbacks; and the enterprises have the recourse to set expectations in the face of the critical information received. This way, not only the glitches and the outages are overcome but also, through the improvement recommendations received from the EPI team, revamps the problematic process into the efficient ones and rejuvenates the system, back on track and hitch free. Also, after duly recognising the snags and muddles, the EPI also collaborated with the client team to come up with the best suit plan and strategy for the company. So far, the EPI audit has delivered over 2 million certifications globally.

With scores of IT professionals and accredited training programs, EPI engulfs over 50 countries and 120 cities. Van Leent states, “We write our own training programs, and each goes through multiple stages of approval with the help of an external accreditation body. Both the certified data center training and certified IT training programs are based on practical knowledge transfer elements instead of theoretical guidelines.” The training regimes and programs carried out by the EPI team are in compliance with the ANSI/TIA 942 as well as in well synergy with the It department, fully streamlined with the e-CF. The training certifications are purely based on the necessary core competencies, and coupled with the best of breed methodologies to edify and inculcate the true knowledge of data centers. Examinations are further conducted to evaluate the trainees, under the light of professional examiners, who assign them scores.

A major leap for the Data Centers into the other dimensions

To transverse the data centers into other realms, EPI lately launched a tool to espouse a holistic approach and better understand the workplace ambience and people psychology; called Data Center Competence Framework. DCCF® allows better and vigilant recruitment of candidates, by enabling the operators to match the job description with the applicant skills. The tool incorporates more than 30 job instances, alongside specifying the training and edification needs for each criterion.

One the EPI’s client experienced a huge success after using the company’s idiosyncratic competencies and DCPT, Data Center Career Planning Tool. The client’s requisites were to train and edify the workforce and define clearly the job roles; while also steering away from overlapping works and inefficient operations. The customer copy pasted EPI’s job role data base and run it through the DCPT tool. Through this the client organisation acquired a clear roadmap to train employees and the proper training regime. Quoting the words of the training coordinator at the organization, “Without the help of EPI’s training tools, it would have taken several days to complete the training proposal and even then, management would not necessarily sign off.”

van Leent states, “We don’t compromise on quality. When we take on a new customer, we are fully convinced we can do the job well.” Uncompromising with the service quality and delivering value to the clients, EPI has a competent team of professionals, that are thorough with their field. Marching ahead with the support of their IT experts and following the ethical business practices, EPI has stepped into the Latin America and Europe and established its physical offices, to mushroom and cater wider demands.

While planning to forge ahead and proliferate their DCPT plans in the IT planning, the company plans to continue to lay their focus on the certification and incorporate more of practical tools to enhance and further diversify their business. van Leent states, “It’s a common problem that most people don’t have proper job descriptions, in both data centers and IT departments. Organizations fail to realize these inefficiencies in practice and we want to do our best to help these customers improve wherever possible.” Dashing ahead with the inflating, the EPI team continues to espouse latest technological advancements and cater as many nascent as well inveterate enterprises, as possible.