Stuart Mitchell, CEO, mokanix

mokanix- M2M SIM cards that give you the power to simply manage your IoT solution

Emerging as one the foremost players in the IoT connectivity market, mokanix has quickly established itself as a major provider with an innovative offering. With a “developer first” approach of opening up mobile networks with API controls, mokanix is a premium provider of cellular IoT connectivity solutions.

It is well-known that the Internet of Things will explode, enabling an ever-increasing number of use-cases and exponentially more connected devices and enterprise-grade solutions require the kind of guaranteed connectivity that only cellular-based connectivity can offer. Having reliability, versatility and ease of use as mokanix core principles, the company is ready to be a key part of this growth and success.

Mobile networks often suffer from poor coverage in rural areas and urban “black spots”. This can cause problems with Internet connectivity, so mokanix SIMs are configured to automatically select the strongest signal available to ensure an “always on” service. Devices powered-by-mokanix have the best possible chance of remaining in contact with servers even in hard-to-access areas. With a private APN and software VPN capability mokanix provides fully secure connectivity for any confidential data. mokanix is poised to provide the best possible connectivity in the market.

Best of all, getting the most out of your mokanix SIMs doesn’t require ANY prior programming knowledge. With comprehensive and powerful control APIs, mokanix allows software developers to use external triggers to easily manage and adapt their connectivity but all mokanix API controls can also be invoked using the online SIM management portal which is perfect for less experienced users. APIs are available for a wide range of functions, for example:

  • SIMs can be remotely ‘activated’ or ‘suspended’ to control costs and prevent overspend

  • SMS can be sent to mokanix SIMs via API or web portal free of charge

  • SIMs can be forced to re-establish connection so service can be restored without a site visit

  • a ‘location dip’ API fetches the latitude and longitude of the cell tower the SIM is connected to which is a useful back-up for GPS

  • a ‘bandwidth control’ API – which is unique to mokanix, can throttle SIM data throughput to suit an application

  • an ‘access control’ API – also unique to mokanix, can restrict SIMs to certain URLs or IP addresses in the form of a whitelist or blacklist.

mokanix’s API-first strategy ensures they stand head and shoulders above their competitors and the number of real-world use-cases is growing rapidly. Current live customer projects have leveraged the location API for enhanced logistics tracking, simplifying the location of shipments and the ‘suspend/activate’ function to ensure that SIMs not currently in transit are protected from misuse. mokanix SIMs are also due to be an integral part of a clinical trial being conducted by a world-renowned university where trial feedback will be gathered on iPads fitted with mokanix SIMs. ‘Bandwidth control’ and ‘access control’s will be used to ensure that the tablets are only used for their intended purpose while mokanix multi-network coverage also ensures that Internet access is available wherever trial participants are located.

The possibilities that lie ahead for this kind of technology are endless, and mokanix will continue to develop to stay ahead of the market. The company has a bright future and a wide range of opportunities ahead thanks to their API-first approach and their compelling and flexible commercial models, which position them as a company that is firmly focused on their customers and the end-user experience. By sticking to their core values – strategically-led and customer-driven, offering innovative API functionality at a competitive price – mokanix is a highly reliable solution for IoT developers.