Mike Henderson, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing, Gen-E

With the soaring perplexities in the IT sector, businesses are resorting to better and facile
logistics. Forging towards propounding uninterrupted connectivity, enterprises are seeking
ITSM (IT Service Management) and best networks assurances. Tapering unplanned outages
and optimising the performance, IBM is playing a cardinal role by proffering better control
and networks, through an uncompromising, holistic approach. Offering pioneering, peerless
and thoughtful solutions and operating as a prime partner of IBM, gen-E has been in the run
for over two decades. The company offers unified service assurance, advanced analytics
software and end to end managed services with quality assurance, to its customers. Built
with the IBM core, gen-E serves the communication service providers (CSPs) as well as
supports the other enterprises in hitting their niche. With a team of IBM Tivoli Netcool,
Smart Cloud and Predictive Analytics expert panel, the company proffers top notch network
solutions, by connecting people, processes and data.
Abstaining from rip and replace stereotypes, the company endorses a use-case route.
Catering the full spectrum of the counselling services in the Telecom, MSO, and Wireless
sectors, gen-E delivers a successful transition to a production environment and ongoing
systems operations. “gen-E has a successful track record of providing best-in-class design,
integration and management of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions for network
operations and IT operations organizations”, Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIO Review.
On receiving a client, the company incepts by setting a goal to resolve the issue, identifying
the drifts and the reasons behind, and finally bridging the gaps through their neoteric
Putting forth unified service assurance software for better network optimization to further
proffer superior IT operations, gen-E came up with OpsCenter, powered by IMB Netcool
Operations Insight (NOI). Presenting a two-decade expertise in service assurance, OpsCenter
manages the overall network efficacy with a sole tool and using the cross domain data,
optimises the entire industry specific configurations and integrations; thus, catalysing the
real time prediction, monitoring and optimising of the services for all types of users. “We
leverage a wide catalog of IBM solutions and make it stronger with the right set of
visualization, analytics, presentation layers, and chatbot applications,” explains Henderson.
Capturing, correlating and analysing the data networks, the OpsCenter software determines
the differences between the metrics and rises the alarms when the aberrations are
detected. gen-E OpsCenter, powered by IBM Tivoli Netcool, helps the enterprises and
telecommunication sector to proffer exquisite service affirmations, visualization, control
and automation and shrinks the system downlines and unplanned outages.
With copious number of accreditations with IBM in managing service space, the company
has successfully served the CSPs and the Fortune 500 companies as well. One such success

story can be reflected upon; when a global telecommunication service provider company
approached gen-E to ameliorate their service and network quotient. gen-E using its
OpsCenter, not only resolved the glitch, but also helped the company save $6,00,000
annually, by shrinking the reaction time and boosting the ‘first level resolutions’. Also, the
client was able to envisage the major incidents up to 100 percent, inclusive of the silent
features and expunging the human intensive work to take control of the manual thresholds;
with IBM Predictive Insights acting as the backbone.
With sublime expertise in ITSM, gen-E environs the critical basics of ensuring quality
services. Event, Performance and Configuration Management, especially Visualizations, the
company proffers a facile and innate user experience. For over 250 projects, gen-E
assimilated the ‘domain proficiency’ to help clients embrace the apposite route to inflate
their ROI.
Through the implementation of the IBM Agile Service Manager (ASM), the company caters
the dynamic network needs; making the IT and other digital optimisations more versatile
and responsive. An add-on product of Netcool Operations Insight, IBM ASM confers the
non-static, relationship information and coinciding interconnections and topology, through
updating discoveries and vigilant multidirectional communication. For a graphic
configuration view, IBM’s Agile Lifecycle Manager proffers network pioneers, thorough with
the service assemblies. Furthermore, IBM’s Cloud Event Manager, enables the DevOps team
to upkeep on the dot resolution provisions. To let the clients, receive the best from them,
the company is forever cognizant of the metamorphosing industrial environment and
Be it wired or wireless data networking, the company offerings are best in breed and
effected through certified remote administrators with sharp domain knowledge. The
company also provides a full spectrum of consulting services, to enlighten the organisations
in each service delivery; from project inception through a successful transition. The plush
professional services can be procured by the clients, at rock bottom prices. “We constantly
strive to provide round the clock, top-tier support as we want our customers to be future-
ready for the next big disruption in enterprise network,” states Henderson. With bosting
assets like gen-E OpsCenter Intelligence and gen-E OpsCenter Advanced Configuration, the
company provides a base to the clients to construct a comprehensive strategy and hands
out lucid guidance during deployments and targeted reviews, to cover the cardinal
milestones and curb triumph.
Taking gen-E to the loftiest echelon is its idiosyncratic ‘hybrid culture’. The company
operates in collaboration with the ace fellows and recently ventured into a new regional
headquarters in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Embracing the recent technologies and
manoeuvring on every popping up opportunities, the company is keeping high with its IBM
evolution and other appendage integrations, to acquaint their customers with the most
recent rollouts, like 5G. The newly incorporated adjuncts of the company, aids the clients to
further sponge up the best from the IBM’s offsprings. The company is aspiring to make

‘analytics driven event management’ as a cynosure, in 2018. “We believe we are far more
ahead of the curve when it comes to service assurance and we are equally excited about the
products that IBM has to offer. Going ahead our customers can expect the best of Big Blue
from gen-E,” ends Henderson.