Tony Perera, Co-Founder, Trinity Guard

Forging towards inflating digitalisation, the companies are reversing the clichéd technology and endorsing better and quicker ameliorations day after day. With this exigency of technology, the cyber security has attained a new high. Regaling the everyday operational needs and requirements of the enterprises, IBM i has been in the run since 1988. From financial to banking institutions, education to medical institutions and from Fortune 400 to Global 2000 companies, IBM i’s users are bestrewed in every nook of the planet. Owing frequent infringement of the cyber security laws, the companies are being kept away from using the stringent security traits, innate in the IBM i systems. Exacerbated by the inadequate network monitoring, the IBM i users are facing recurrent glitches and not able to avail punctilious security solutions. Succouring them, Trinity Guard impels the IBM i security network and propounds the security solutions using IBM i servers, to the niche market.

Screening IBM i security users from multifaceted jeopardies, Trinity Guard’s TGSecure extends superlative lee from network vulnerabilities and helps achieve audit compliance. Operating through Network Management and Access Escalation Manager, TGSecure monitors transactions at socket as well as application layers; allowing IBM i and iSeries users to execute corporate operation without having to bow down before the rickety networks. Also these features have inbuilt transaction blocking capability and the permit to grant granular escalated permission at command, and enable the implementation of the privilege intelligence models. Acquainting TGSecure with higher echelon, its quirks coaxes the users to stay vigilant against the cyber security part and comply with legions of regulations, like GLBA and PCI; hence, saving the firms from the non-compliance penalties.

Instigating a next generation security system, Trinity Guard’s TGAudit helps in security audit reporting, job activity monitoring and data level recording. With a lately incorporated Authority Collection support feature, this product tracks minimal application authority requisites and streamlines it to the new data sources and report content. “Like in the Target attack, trying to find an actual cybercrime happening is like finding a needle in a haystack due to the abundance of data to be monitored,” says Perera. Understanding the gravity of outpacing the perplexing networking environment, the product also supports reporting in HTML, CSV and XML formats.

Putting forth a state-of-the-art and pivoted web assuages, is another bosting yield of Trinity Guard – TGCentral, that surveils cardinal audit information and helps keep security breaches miles away. “Trinity Guard is an IBM Independent Service Vendor (ISV) and being a member of the ISV advisory council helps us keep abreast of the latest IBM upgrades,” adds Perera. Additionally, the launch of TGTravel also assess the compliance report for the abidance of regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX and ISO 27001 and gives Fail/Pass remarks alongside checking the ‘drill-down capabilities’.

“Trinity Guard also aims to execute initiatives across platforms, utilizing Linux and AIX to spread awareness about cybersecurity and regulatory compliance,” says Perera. Not overlooking the WannaCry ransomware attack that aimed to doom the Microsoft Windows operating systems in 2017, Trinity Guard has taken the initiative to edify the customers about the cyber perils and fortify their efforts to combat them. In a premier partnership with IBM, Trinity Guards aspires to soar its gamut and cater more users, with its ultra-modern and ameliorated products.