Dan Pompilio, CEO, SimpleC

“There is just a huge need on the part individuals and their families to help their loved ones stay at home and age at home. SimpleC is a behavioural science company and a high tech company. And we focus on developing very personal therapies for people with cognitive losses as a result of aging”, Dan Pompilio, Chief Executive Officer, SimpleC. Catering the healthcare needs of the aging people away from their families, SimpleC is a cloud based platform and a virtual caregiver for the aging seniors wanting to maintain independence at home.

Promulgating “Stay connected, Stay engaged” as their core philosophy, the company takes into account the known behavioural methods, for treating memory loss, and converting it into media page therapies. Expecting improvisations in moods and in effecting daily activities, the company also makes sure that the patient takes in regular meals and is hydrated; all this being perpetrated through their virtual, media page programs.

SimpleC runs in collaboration with IBM Watson that is cloud based and proffers hybrid services available through API integration, opening up fraternities to plug in to some great treasures of health information. Watson gives an insight to what can be going on in the patient’s mind and hence, works with sky rocket efficacies and personalised profiles.

IBM Watson’s cognitive capabilities mirror some of the key cognitive developments of human expertise. It has been devised to understand the unstructured data, giving a new bend to the healthcare sciences; helping the medication to ameliorate using this holistic approach. It uses the feedback record system to address the unmet needs of the patients. “We started tracking symptoms across all variants of patient pools, we were able to group them, and within them, saw strong and repeatable correlations. Through these efforts, we developed well-aligned care goals and reusable therapies, and built a system that recommends very specific actions based on the conditions of an individual while at the same time allowing adjustments to the treatment plan, based on the patient’s interactions with the system, caregiver’s and the family’s inputs,” says Pompilio.

Further bridging the gap between man and machine, SimpleC Cognitive Healthcare packages its solutions into three primary virtual programs – Companion, Family Connect and Clinical Connect. Companion has tapered the time taken by the psychologists to build a profile, from 8 hours to 15minutes, straight. As manifest from the name, the program is a virtual companion and maintains and supports the health and happiness of the user. It a non-drug approach that has trusted voices for sharing a moment. Family connect – works as a personalised social platform where under, the family members can share videos, trip and other personalised messages.

Care matrix, a patented intelligent technology yield of the SimpleC’s strenuous manoeuvres and R&D endeavours; synergises the team of cognitive science experts, PhDs, social works, Master of Physiology and gerontology. It expeditiously detects the symptoms, performs indexing and validates the input, so that the patient is on-board in as less as 15 minutes.  

Aspiring behavioural sciences to be tightly coupled with the discrete medical services being executed, in the future, Pompilio concludes, “It makes all the difference in the world to us to be able to continue in our mission”. Also, the company will soon be making its service procurable in a direct-to-consumer market.