Data has $urpassed Oil in Value – Here’s Why

Every era in human history has been acknowledged as a noteworthy point in time, primarily due to those who possess not only wealth and power, but the exploitation of that wealth and power. This new age of digital information is becoming more realized not only on the advancements of technology alone, but a significant element present in all […]

A Cloud’s Eye View Of Cyber VUCA In Age Of Rapid Change

As we wind down National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I wanted to share some thoughts based on recent discussions with a few other cybersecurity professionals and some small business owners about the accelerated migration to the cloud. This article attempts to capture my observations, looking down over the landscape at a 10000-foot view. Security professionals are […]

Digital! Enabling us or influencing us: How human are our influencers?

It’s the 4th Industrial Revolution. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are here. With information overload today, even living in the moment is getting difficult. Less than a decade ago, we were surprised when brands reached us on bulk-messaging services offering us products that we had recently shopped for. Now, most of us don’t bat an […]

Is It Time For Microsoft To Make Big Cloud Acquisitions?

When Satya Nadella took over as the CEO of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), he had defined his focus on emerging technologies, especially the Cloud. His focus on the segment has stood Microsoft in good stead. The company continues to outpace market expectations on all fronts. And, there is no holding back. Microsoft keeps adding companies to bolster its […]