10th Annual Digitalization in Oil & Gas Conference 2024

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with 10th Annual Digitalization in Oil & Gas Conference 2024 starting from Sept 4th 2024.

The 10th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas continues to explore the intersection between digitalization and decarbonization and the transformation required across the sector to remain relevant, resilient and achieve business value. Building for tomorrow, creating facilities for the future, planning for a lower carbon market, and realizing value are key objectives for the energy sector.

Operators are currently seeking simple solutions to routine problems that can be deployed across their organizations. Realizing capabilities and value whilst scaling up existing solutions are key priorities for the teams involved in the digital transformation journey, but deployment remains an obstacle. To address the challenge of aging assets, it is important for operators to continue digitizing and modernizing their facilities and create new capabilities to extend the lifetime.


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