Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Impact Of Teleradiology On Health Care

Teleradiology is the most mature and rapidly evolving branch of telemedicine. It uses computers and telecommunication networks to transmit diagnostic images and data from one location to another for primary review and interpretation as well as specialist consultation. HISTORY One review claims that the first reference to telemedicine in medical

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Teleradiology platforms with blockchain – the business case

Teleradiology is ripe for blockchain. Healthcare image diagnosis and treatment is based on trust; It could be based on truth. Let’s explore how. Teleradiology, or remote radiology service, is the future of radiology. Information technology has been the genesis of radiology and nuclear medicine. Night-hawk services have changed the future

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Value Stream Mapping in the Aerospace Industry

What is Value Stream Mapping? The goal of value stream mapping is to visually map out the path of a product from start to finish. This includes showing which suppliers send in raw material, the individual manufacturing processes that create the product and the customers that receive the product. More

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The next era in aerospace supply chain evolution?

Shortly after becoming CEO of Ford Motor Co., former Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief Alan Mulally was asked if he was ready for the complexity of the automotive industry. “An automobile has about 10,000 moving parts, right? An airplane has 2 million, and it has to stay up in the air,”

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Can Hydrogen Powered Aircraft Become a Reality?

As part of the effort to decarbonise aviation, it’s often Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) that receive the attention. They are of course important, and immediately available – which helps. But whilst SAFs can cut carbon today, it has been said that hydrogen could eliminate carbon from aviation in the future.

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The benefits of real-time data analytics

 Data analytics centres on providing business leaders with insights that are visually cohesive and understandable. In contrast to manual-based queries, these are based on the inherent logic related to mathematical formulae and algorithms. Even though this analysis happens in milliseconds,

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