Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Innovative Fiber – We make boxes. better

Many brands believe that sustainability means they have to inevitably compromise on something along the way. This may usually entail a slice out of their profits, or their premium outlooks. There may however be very little truth behind this bold assumption. Maybe it would sound better to take the word

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PakTech- The Sustainable Solution

The world is growing at a tremendous pace, and with it, there is an ascent in the demand levels for food packaging. With the shortage of resources becoming an increasing reality, employing and incorporating sustainable and ingenious techniques has become the primary objective of PakTech. Apart from being a progressive

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The next era in aerospace supply chain evolution?

Shortly after becoming CEO of Ford Motor Co., former Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief Alan Mulally was asked if he was ready for the complexity of the automotive industry. “An automobile has about 10,000 moving parts, right? An airplane has 2 million, and it has to stay up in the air,”

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The Open Banking Revolution – Time for Change

What is Open Banking and why should I care? Open banking is the use of public application programming interfaces — most commonly called Open APIs — to enable third-party developers to build apps and services around more traditional banking and financial services In addition to the Open APIs empowering this,

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The benefits of real-time data analytics

 Data analytics centres on providing business leaders with insights that are visually cohesive and understandable. In contrast to manual-based queries, these are based on the inherent logic related to mathematical formulae and algorithms. Even though this analysis happens in milliseconds,

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