Top 10 Leading Aviation & Aerospace Solution Providers to Watch

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Aviation & Aerospace – Going Above and Beyond with Technology

The aerospace and aviation sector is one of the largest, and most powerful industries in the world, and primarily supplies five markets. These are military aircraft, general aviation, space, commercial airliners, and missiles. It is said to be one of the fastest-growing industries, with a yearly growth rate of nearly 14%.

Commercial air transport is witnessing continual, strong growth, especially in developing markets. It is also the need of the hour, to maximize fuel efficiency, and so, aviation and aerospace companies are leveraging AI and Big Data to help them understand and predict areas that require the most attention.

This, and several other factors, have led to the adoption of advanced technology and methods to build, repair, and maintain both commercial, and military fleets. As this sector grows further, there is no doubt that evolving technologies, electric propulsion, and new, smart materials will bring with them further change, open up new opportunities, and have their own challenges.

Advances in airplane and aerospace technology are driving increased demand for skilled technicians with expertise in digital troubleshooting, avionics, and composites. Digitization is not only helping visualize better designs but is significantly reducing costs and saving time. 

As aircraft systems become more sophisticated, the aviation and aerospace industry is ramping up to meet vast, ever-growing demands, while scaling new heights with advanced strategies and solutions.

Top 10 Leading Aviation & Aerospace Solution Providers to Watch


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