Objectstream – Digitization across industries

Background maintenance and management services of large companies are now taken care of by knowledge-based service enterprises. This ensures that the entire manpower of the company is directed towards sustainable growth, over the long term. For industry-leading companies,  this includes both software related problems and hardware fabrication works.

The problem with the majority of such third-party enterprises is the fact that they lack digitalization and a multidimensional approach. Companies struggle to find service providers who are technically sound as well as efficient with advisory, administrative or logistical solutions.

This is where Objectstream steps in to bridge the gap between IT services and project management. Objectstream has been providing cybersecurity, technology, advisory and assistance, aviation, and logistics solutions to its customers for over 15 years. Renowned and prestigious clients across diverse industries have been pleased with the commitment to excellence and exemplary services of this Oklahoma-based integrated service company.

Its wide range of facilities cover almost all aspects of software technology, cloud computing augmented reality process management and application development. Software giants have appreciated the work of Objectstream in incorporating machine learning in cloud computing. With experience from Microsoft Azure and Google cloud, it continues to work on technologies like Secure Virtual Private Cloud for development and DevSecOps for automated pipelines.

In a discussion about the growth of knowledge-based industries, Objectstream’s CEO, Biju Kurian said, “The most important aspect that sets us apart is our ability to establish genuine relationships with our customers and listen to their needs. We also believe that, in the knowledge industry, it is the employees that define the company.”

The knowledge-based industry refers to the service-providing companies that deal with information technology, avionics, customer relations, telecommunications, and related services. The key to success in this industry is understanding the needs of the client and maintaining a healthy relationship with them. In the field of aviation services, object stream provides expert technicians with extensive experience in their field of work. According to satisfied customers, Objectstream technicians have delivered the final product as early as 4 months before the delivery date. Other clients have praised the dedicated nature and communication skills of the employees of Objectstream.

Being one of the top aviation and aerospace service providers, the Objectstream task force delivers a full range of maintenance skill sets which include experienced technicians (for supply and avionics issues) as well as mechanics (for helping with sheet-metal problems and installation).

Commenting on its fast rise and market capturing techniques in the last couple of years, “We were ecstatic,”, said co-founder and President Biju Kurian to the Metro 50 honor. “We knew we were growing at a fast pace, but we never expected to be No. 1.”

Objectstream has been ranked amongst the Oklahoma City Metro 50. Apart from that, it has also been awarded a GSA schedule 70 contract. A simple, sincere and dedicated work plan has guided the company towards a steady yet fast rise over a course of 15 years.

Presently, Objectstream is the number one integrated service company, providing a one-of-a-kind service. It emphasizes carefully curated approaches that are unique to each client and designs its course of action likewise. This holds true for all of its facilities, from aviation to advisory works.

This includes the administrative and customer service jobs performed by highly trained and dependable professionals who are well versed with the present-day business challenges. Objectstream’s cyberspace and cyber security expertise are manifested by its proactive support model which delivers its customers peace of mind and relief. The company’s Cybersecurity professionals are experienced in investigating, researching, analyzing threats, and finally, eliminating them to ensure the smooth working of the client’s platform.

Its advisory services include program analysis, along with managerial, travel, and budget support, just to name a few; while its logistics team offers in-depth expertise in fabrication, machining, equipment wiring, and many more related avenues.

Objectstream stands out among similar companies because they are a compact team of hardworking and seasoned employees who have years of experience and have mastered their respective niches.