10 Best Digital Twin Companies to Watch in 2024

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Digital Twin: an unlimited number of what ifs

As an executive in the tech industry, I’ve witnessed the evolution of digital transformation and its impact on organizations up close over the last 10-15 years. The concept of using technology to enhance customer connections and improve outcomes has been a driving force for many years. But I believe we

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Digital Transformation: Digital Twin and IoT

How IoT and Digital Twin technology work together to bring about Digital Transformation Here’s a very simple formula for Digital Transformation: IoT * Digital Twin => Digital Transformation What this says is that Digital Transformation is a result of the product of IoT and Digital Twin technology. It’s a product

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Digital Twin – putting people first

Over the last few months I have been horizon scanning, looking at recent articles, papers etc and trying to unpick where gaps exist where our company can add value, and when thinking back to my past career activities, it hit

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Intelligent Data Management for Digital Transformation

In today’s progressive and forward-looking era, businesses are hardly functional without leveraging the technology around them. In 2020, an EY report shows that companies ahead in digital transformation share habits that are leading to improved financial performance. The ever-evolving digital

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