Unlock the full potential of your data with intelligent storage

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Data is at the very heart of everything you do and holds the power to transform your business. But only intelligent data management holds the power to transform your use of data. With an intelligent data strategy, powered by global intelligence, you can propel your business further into today’s idea economy and tap into the next frontier of IT by managing data effectively across hybrid cloud computing environments.

This approach allows you to accelerate applications, transforms data management, harnesses the agility and innovation of clouds, and unlocks hidden insights within data in real time. To achieve this, you’ll need an intelligent data platform.

What is an intelligent data platform?

  • It uses AI and advanced analytics to anticipate problems and adjusts in real time, so your IT resources can focus more on strategic business goals. This is a true step towards autonomous IT which enables your IT infrastructure to learn, adapt and react based on real IT insight buried in the mountains of data generated in IT infrastructure.
  • An Intelligent Data Platform doesn’t just collect data from storage devices, but extends its reach to servers, VMs, network interfaces, and other infrastructure elements across the stack. By using machine learning, it develops models that reflect what’s right, so it can ultimately identify what’s wrong. It then anticipates and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack. By learning where data is created, stored, and accessed, the platform can then position it where’s it’s needed, and when it’s needed so resolution time is greatly reduced.
  • By enabling this level of visibility across your data lifecycle, an Intelligent Data Platform accelerates your cloud strategy – it’s built for hybrid cloud operations and mobility. Run every application in the right place, with assurance that data is where it’s needed, and allow the innovation business needs through the delivery of meaningful test data.
  • Simply put, it lets you create a cloud experience in your own data centre with a self-service infrastructure. Delivering key workloads and applications as a service means you can transform IT to be a service provider to the business.
  • An Intelligent Data Platform changes how we provide and acquire storage capacity too. Rather than guess at future needs and overprovision, infrastructure from HPE provides elastic capacity and cloud economics, but with on-premises security, control, and governance. It’s managed to provide capacity ahead of demand. It’s monitored and operated—in the cloud or on premises. And for all HPE infrastructure, you pay only for what you use.

You can begin to see the how an Intelligent Data Platform completely reimagines how data is delivered, managed, and analysed, which is allowing customers to tap into the transformative power of data and unleash innovation. Businesses increase agility without overprovisioning. They strengthen security and governance, and they match expenditures to business value.

HPE delivers the most Intelligent Data Platform for your hybrid cloud environment. Make hybrid cloud work for your customers with a platform that enables a uniform computing environment across their on-premises private cloud and public cloud services.

Together with HPE and Tech Data, you can ensure your customers are managing their data effectively across hybrid environments from the edge, to the datacentre, to the cloud, in near real time. And that is what will pull them ahead of those that do not.

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