10 Fastest Growing Low Code Development Companies To Watch in 2024

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Low-Code versus High-Code

As a hybrid developer I often get the question from customers/colleagues: Why should I choose low-code or High-Code? To which I usually answer that depends on your situation. Which of course is a completely useless answer without further context. A lot of articles have been written on the Low-Code versus

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Do “Real” Developers Use Low-Code?

Is low-code development just a glorified drag-and-drop exercise, or does it hold a deeper value for seasoned coders? If you’re a ‘real developer,’ you might have scoffed at the idea of low-code platforms replacing traditional coding. It’s easy to dismiss them as tools for amateurs or as shortcuts that can’t

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Digital Twin – putting people first

Over the last few months I have been horizon scanning, looking at recent articles, papers etc and trying to unpick where gaps exist where our company can add value, and when thinking back to my past career activities, it hit

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