Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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UnifyCloud – Cloud Modernization and Migration Services Company

Founded by a team of former Microsoft architects, developers, and cybersecurity professionals, UnifyCloud is a trusted source of innovative and secure cloud computing solutions. As the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022, UnifyCloud is a highly regarded information technology and cloud solutions provider specializing in cybersecurity, compliance, and cost management.

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Tierpoint – Power Your Digital Breakaway

It is estimated that the global cloud computing market will reach $623.3 billion by the end of 2022. The number is said to cross the $800 billion mark by 2025. With over 92% of enterprises employing a multi-cloud strategy, cloud computing services continue to be a crucial resource across various

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Are Your Customers About To Dump You?

I have had the same mobile (cell phone) company in the UK for around 25 years. However, I am about to leave them—and they don’t know it. With my imminent departure on the horizon, I wondered how do organizations avoid customer defection? It turns out that customers usually indicate they

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AI & Blockchain: An Introduction

At the kind invitation of Rob May and the Botchain team, I had the opportunity recently to keynote Brains and Chains, an interesting conference in New York exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain. This is both an exciting and challenging

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