Top 10 Leading VMware Partners to Watch in 2022

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Cost-Effective Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS

The use of the public cloud as a deployment platform for new applications and services has exploded in the last half-decade. However, most organisations are just not adopting a cloud-only approach to new deployments, they are using a hybrid cloud model that combines infrastructure from private data centres with services

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Dedicated VMware vSphere in the Cloud

VMware vSphere gives you maximum flexibility to build your own IBM-hosted environment using VMware-compatible hardware and the right set of VMware components that fit your business needs and expertise. You can design your hosted VMware environment any way you want: from a single ESXi cluster to a robust software-defined data

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The future of Cloud is Multi-Cloud

While Multi-Cloud setups are already the new normal in many companies, it is still not much more than another buzzword for others. Multi-Cloud does not multiply value per se. However, based on a capability-focused approach, combining the best parts from

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Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Oracle Cloud

1. Oracle delivers a second-generation cloud: OCI is built for innovation, includes scalability, availability, integrated governance control and reliability backed by the end to end SLAs. OCI supports emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, blockchain and human interfaces. OCI

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