Top 10 Leading Nutanix Partners to Watch in 2023

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Document Management Systems for the win!

Do you know what every organization has in common? Regardless of what industry they service, be it Medical offices, Insurance Agencies, the manufacturing sector, the auto industry – even your local cellphone repair shop. They all make extensive use of documents including client records, sales paperwork, invoicing, work orders and

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Post-COVID: Is Your Work Environment Safe Enough?

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing significant operational challenges for many businesses across the world and, as more employees are being encouraged to return to work, providing a safe working environment should be the top priority for any business owner. To decrease the spread of the virus many businesses have moved

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The History of Document Management

The history of document management can be traced back to the introduction of the file cabinet in the late 1800s. Edwin Grenville Seibels invented the vertical file system in 1898, which organizes paper documents in drawers within stacked cabinets. For most of the twentieth century, these cabinets would be the

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Top Benefits of Document Management System

What is the most valuable asset in your business today? No matter the type of industry you operate in, information is one of the most valuable assets you can have. Organizations need information to make business decisions. They need information to evaluate their products and markets. They also need documents

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The future of Cloud is Multi-Cloud

While Multi-Cloud setups are already the new normal in many companies, it is still not much more than another buzzword for others. Multi-Cloud does not multiply value per se. However, based on a capability-focused approach, combining the best parts from

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How Cloud Computing Is Changing The Technology Space

Cloud computing is an architecture built on applications that store data on remote server infrastructure which can be accessed over the Web (WWW). Segregating back-end infrastructure and front-end infrastructure, cloud computing supports recognizing and visualizing the process. Client devices can

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