Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Impact Of Teleradiology On Health Care

Teleradiology is the most mature and rapidly evolving branch of telemedicine. It uses computers and telecommunication networks to transmit diagnostic images and data from one location to another for primary review and interpretation as well as specialist consultation. HISTORY One review claims that the first reference to telemedicine in medical

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Teleradiology platforms with blockchain – the business case

Teleradiology is ripe for blockchain. Healthcare image diagnosis and treatment is based on trust; It could be based on truth. Let’s explore how. Teleradiology, or remote radiology service, is the future of radiology. Information technology has been the genesis of radiology and nuclear medicine. Night-hawk services have changed the future

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A healthy outlook on Blockchain

In this article on The Blockchain in Healthcare, Andy Gaudette, SVP, HMS provides a clear overview of how Blockchain is vital to providing access and visibility into healthcare data to the patient — the most important entity of all. “If all my data were stored in a blockchain, that is securely distributed among many

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The Next 40 Years of Emotion AI

Each year, Fortune compiles a list of young leaders that they consider to be among the most influential young leaders for the year. The leaders included on this year’s list certainly set a high bar. I’m especially proud to be

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Covid Epi Weekly: Harrowing Holidays

It’s hard to imagine a worse confluence. Cases are surging in much of the US. People are tired of the limitations the virus is imposing. Economic harm is real, painful, and persistent. And White House communications have continued to mislead,

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