Top 10 Leading NetApp Partners to Watch in 2022

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Cloud storage is our specialty, Nice to meet you

NetApp’s greatest hits We may be known for our system boxes, but in fact, we’ve been a software company since 1992, when we released the world’s first storage operating system: NetApp® Data ONTAP®. Since then, we’ve had more hits than the Beatles. Have you heard of Snapshot™ copies? That was

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Data Integration in Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is among the most innovative technological solutions of our era. It converts raw, previously useless data into valuable, analytics-ready insights for decision-making and enterprise planning. It’s thus no surprise that the global BI market is set to attain

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How Cloud Computing Is Changing The Technology Space

Cloud computing is an architecture built on applications that store data on remote server infrastructure which can be accessed over the Web (WWW). Segregating back-end infrastructure and front-end infrastructure, cloud computing supports recognizing and visualizing the process. Client devices can

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