Top 10 Leading NetApp Partners to Watch in 2022


Make Data Organization More Secure with NetApp Solutions

Data forms the core of every successful enterprise, regardless of size or industry. Data is required for every operation, from quicker functions and transparent governance to better scalability and project enhancement. However, it is no surprise that the majority of the data companies acquire remains unused and becomes obsolete. NetApp partners and companies ensure that data is harnessed effectively and efficiently.

NetApp provides data management solutions for the cloud. In today’s times, when everything is cloud-operated and organizations are gradually shifting to cloud premises, data organization is essential. NetApp’s solutions and services allow companies to create an easy-to-navigate data landscape across cloud and on-premises platforms.

Through its software, NetApp studies data behavior. It uses intelligence tools to spot and eliminate threats, increase cybersecurity, and prevent cybercrimes, such as credit fraud, identity theft, data leakage, and issues with regulatory compliance.

Various challenges affect data management, like lack of a proper IT infrastructure, unorganized inventory, and inaccurate data. NetApp uses IoT, data, and analytics tools to monitor critical projects, generate relevant insights, and use them to reduce downtime, improve performance, optimize functions, consolidate data, and provide real-time reports.

Every company aims to enhance its data usage and perform safe, secure, and productive cloud operations while protecting data networks. NetApp’s products and solutions analyze workload, evaluate security concerns, and assess cloud-related issues to convert raw data into usable information.

Top 10 Leading NetApp Partners to Watch in 2022


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