Commvault – Enterprise Data Protection Solutions – SaaS Software & Cloud Backup

With the rise of the digital economy, data is everything in today’s world. “Data is at the heart of everything our customers do, especially in this transformative digital era. With the broadest portfolio in the industry, Commvault helps customers intelligently manage data to grow their businesses today and to extract value and make the most of their data for years to come,” says Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO of Commvault.

This precisely sums up what Commvault does. When the increasing amount of data in your arsenal morphs and fragments, Commvault’s intelligent data services come to help. These services aid in managing data to the point that businesses see success. Commvault’s services drive greater efficiency by transforming how data is protected, stored, and used, regardless of where it lives or how it is structured.

Connecting with Commvault inspires businesses to innovate, care about communities, and deliver the best business performance. Over 100,000 organizations trust Commvault with their data, and Commvault has successfully reduced its CO2 footprint by 159,000 kilograms.

Since more organizations are moving towards cloud storage, Commvault is a trusted partner to join hands with for the transformative journey. The Commvault Distributed Storage is a cloud-native, software-defined distributed storage that provides a single, programmable data fabric spanning workloads, cloud zones/regions, private and public clouds, and storage tiers. Here, the data is under the owner’s control and available whenever the organization needs it. As a simple, resilient, and predictable solution, a user can build the perfect hybrid cloud storage using Commvault’s intelligent data management.

Another notable product by Commvault is the eDiscovery And Compliance solution. This helps organizations respond rapidly to legal and compliance requests. Compliance breaches can be costly if not given due attention. Commvault helps with data collection while maintaining regulatory compliance. Through this intelligent data service, organizations can proactively simplify and manage the complexity of enterprise data. There is an established chain of custody and sense of security with Commvault. This solution can accelerate the search and review of electronically stored information in any scenario.

Commvault has helped customers all over the world overcome their data hurdles and grow their businesses by offering them the industry’s broadest protection of data types and location. AstraZeneca, Qorvo, and Arvest Bank are a few recent clients that Commvault has assisted. By partnering with the industry giants such as Azure, AWS, Microsoft SQL, and so on, Commvault seeks to deliver the best services possible.

This is seen in a highly notable use case. DenizBank is one of the top 10 banks in Turkey, and the bank’s strong IT unit, called Intertech, saw the need to consolidate and modernize multiple backup target solutions. It was necessary to improve backup performance, reduce costs and gain operational efficiency. Leveraging Commvault HyperScale Software with an HPE-validated reference design, the storage migration of 600 TB of data was made fast and easy. The automated, built-in workflow enabled by Commvault has further improved the efficiency of operational jobs. DenizBank relies on Commvault Support to maintain the flow of business integrity.

In conclusion, Commvault is an inclusive and empowering establishment that efficiently fulfills every promise. “At Commvault, we are committed to Inclusion and Diversity. Not just as responsible corporate citizens, but as individuals. It’s in our values and in how we empower our team members to thrive and reach their full potential. We do this by fostering an environment that celebrates our differences and ensures we all feel included and supported. And, as CEO, I am committed to making impactful changes for our people, customers, and community,” concludes the CEO and President of Commvault. ​