Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Iron Bow Technologies

COVER STORY Iron Bow Health- Makes everyone AWARE The telemedicine sector is changing and has seen significant improvements. What now stands at 25.4 billion USD is expected to grow till 55.6 billion USD in the coming times, mostly in the next five years. The huge distribution has played an important

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Sword GRC- There’s a better way to manage risk

Globalization presents risks and opportunities, both of which can have significant impact on business performance. Given the pace of change in innovation, the ever-evolving complexities within the risk, governance, and compliance landscape, plus the inherent supply chain risks that stem from our global economy, organizations today need both agility and

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Advanced Technology Corp

The world of veterinary medicine has significantly smaller margins than human medicine. Companies within this sector have to be tremendously cost effective in order to meaningful contribute to veterinary operations. Innovations in technology and internet accessibilty have created opportunities for some software companies to make a meaningful impact in the

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The value-based care initiative ushered a fundamental push for healthcare providers to satisfy requirements for meaningful use incentives and HIT vendors’ to offer software focused on the interoperability of health information. At that point in time, pitfalls around the actual

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Do Sellers Deserve Anything Less?

For me, it started with a simple question: “Why is it that sales organizations, the very heart of every growth company, are not as well served with technology as their counterparts in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing and Operations?” I

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