Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Strain In India-Canada Ties, Visa Services Suspended

India has suspended visa services for Canadian citizens, citing concerns over “security threats” to its diplomats stationed in Canada. This drastic move is the latest in contentious developments between the two nations. Suspension of Visa Services On September 21, 2023, BLS International, the firm responsible for processing Indian visa applications

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High-Performance Data Analytics Market Size & Share Analysis

Big data analytics combined with high-performance computing is referred to as high-performance data analytics. Both have made it possible to conduct investigations and identify patterns and insights. The ability to question huge data sets in real time was made possible by the development of high-performance data analytics. The rise in

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Google Unveils AI Tools for Enterprise Customers at $30 a Month

In a bid to makе advancеd AI technology accеssiblе to businеssеs, Googlе has introduced a suitе of AI-powеrеd tools tailorеd for еntеrprisе customеrs. What’s еvеn morе rеmarkablе is thе pricе point—a mеrе $30 pеr usеr pеr month, making it an еnticing proposition for companies looking to harnеss thе powеr of

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OpenAI Releasing Version Of ChatGPT For Large Businesses

OpenAI, a pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence, has recently unveiled an exciting development tailored specifically for the corporate arena—ChatGPT Enterprise. This specialized version of ChatGPT has been carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of large businesses. With

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