Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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New Accelerated by Intel® designation for partner solutions

Solutions with the Accelerated by Intel unlock the potential of end-customer infrastructures through multi-faceted optimizations and security by design. Accelerated by Intel® solutions streamline and automate the adoption of built-in Intel Accelerators and technologies enabling innovation and efficient scale.  Intel has announced that it is offering a new designation for Intel-optimized

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The Impact of Forecasting on Supply Chain Planning

Introduction Supply chain planning is a crucial aspect of managing a business, as it helps organizations anticipate and respond to demand, while ensuring efficient allocation of resources. One of the fundamental components of supply chain planning is forecasting, which involves predicting future demand for products or services. Accurate forecasting can

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The Time To Prioritize Cybersecurity Is Now

Cybersecurity will be the issue of this decade. As our dependency on technology continues to grow so will the scale and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. For businesses, the intensification of cybercrime can be explained by Sutton’s law: that’s where the money is. The cost of cybercrime – already in the

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The Bermuda Triangle: poor financial knowledge

The good news first: Germans are putting their money away for a rainy day again. While they saved EUR 9 on average out of EUR 100 in 2013, it was already EUR 9.70 in 2016 with a continuing upward trend, as the Federal Statistical Office’s calculations for the first quarter

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AI & Blockchain: An Introduction

At the kind invitation of Rob May and the Botchain team, I had the opportunity recently to keynote Brains and Chains, an interesting conference in New York exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain. This is both an exciting and challenging

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Do car salesman have a future?

Yesterday, a friend went to a premium brand dealership, showing interest on a specific model. It was a first approach and he was surprised by the salesman starting the conversation by price and discount. The potential Customer was immediately invited

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