Top 10 Global IoT Solution Providers 2019

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Rackspace Technology Appoints Amar Maletira as CEO

Replacing the former president, Kevin Jones, who had held the title since 2019, is Amar Maletira. With brilliant management and leadership experience in the field, Maletira is sure to accentuate the business up to its full potential.  In the past, Maletira has brought several businesses to become multi-billion-dollar companies. At

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RapidMiner – Amplify the Impact of Your People, Expertise & Data

A leading innovative data analytics company, RapidMiner (recently acquired by Altair), believes in transforming data science skills at an enterprise level. The data science and machine learning platform offers functionality and services that enhance its clients’ AI-driven decision-making and business processes across the entire organization. RapidMiner firmly believes in empowering

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Intelligent Data Management for Digital Transformation

In today’s progressive and forward-looking era, businesses are hardly functional without leveraging the technology around them. In 2020, an EY report shows that companies ahead in digital transformation share habits that are leading to improved financial performance. The ever-evolving digital landscape means competitive business models targeting the operations of the

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AI & Blockchain: An Introduction

At the kind invitation of Rob May and the Botchain team, I had the opportunity recently to keynote Brains and Chains, an interesting conference in New York exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain. This is both an exciting and challenging

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