10 Fastest Growing Semiconductor Companies to Watch 2022

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Overproduction in The Mobile Phone Industry

Ronald Wilting, CEO of Forefront RF discusses the causes, the impacts, and the need for sustainable solutions The mobile phone industry is booming. Around two thirds of the world’s population have a smartphone and/or tablet and that number is accelerating as

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Possible applications of AI in logistics

Artificial intelligence is considered a key technology with far-reaching effects on the national economy and competitiveness. Areas of application for the technology include predictive logistics, smart warehouses and robotics. Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s lips as a technology of

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The Future of Semiconductors is UCIe

If you want to become a serious tech industry watcher or a hardcore tech enthusiast, then you need to start closely watching what’s happening in the semiconductor industry. Not only are chips at the literal heart of all our tech

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Artificial Intelligence For L&D

AI has been getting much attention in recent years because of its various uses in commercial applications like face recognition, speech recognition, personal digital assistants like Apple’s Siri Amazon’s Alexa, and self-driving cars. The reality is that we now have

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