10 Best Sports Tech Companies to Watch in 2023

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Getting your GRC into the hands of decision makers

“Risk Culture – the values, beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and understanding about risk shared by a group of people with a common purpose.” Institute of Risk Management To successfully influence risk culture, we need great structural mechanisms or formal arrangements that support strong risk management practices in our systems, policies, procedures,

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Enterprise Risk Management and the Unprecedented

The 21st century opened with a slew of “unprecedented” events crash, 9/11, the financial crisis of 2008, SARS, Eboli, BREXIT, and COVID-19 to name a few.  So many that one has to wonder if “unprecedented” is the new normal. This onslaught highlighted the need for improved risk identification and a

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Technology for sport

Unrelenting acceleration The acceleration of technology is unstoppable and has led to a revolution in every aspect and every area. In addition to changing the way we communicate, the technology available today has altered the way we live. Thanks to

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AI in Sports Tech 2023

Sportstech is a sector that has made much traction from 2020-2023 (currently). As the various subsectors such as sports betting, sports performance, fan enablement, and venue management. Within these sectors, we have seen the integration of many technologies. For example,

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