10 Best Sports Tech Companies to Watch in 2023

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From Performance Analytics to At-Home Training: The Global Transformation of Sports Technology

Sports is a universal unifier, binding people of all ages and overcoming geographical boundaries. Sports have evolved from mere games to a source of entertainment worldwide and a lucrative business opportunity. Despite being around for a long time, sports still have the same impact on people, and technology plays a significant role in its constant popularity. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, combining sports with technology takes companies to new levels.

Technology has cemented its position in the sports industry, leaving its print on everything, from data to sports stadiums. Video and performance analysis, iGaming, and recorded, live, and replayed streaming are among the popular trends in today’s sports scene, enhancing fan engagement and immersive training programs.

When merged with emerging technologies, these trends transform the sports sectors and empower sports organizations, coaches, teams, and athletes. Data analytics not only helps players improve their performance, but it also reduces injuries, keeping them safe and healthy. Sports technology companies use movement sensors, AI, cloud computing, and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to design new and innovative sports-centered solutions and products.

The sports tech sector has come a long way, with products like performance trackers assisting players and coaches. These products use individual and collective metrics on player performances to analyze them and provide feedback to improve and modify techniques. Wearable gadgets like smart watches and headsets can also monitor athlete vitals under different simulations.

Incorporating technology into sports has digitally revolutionized the sector by ensuring athlete safety and recovery, sports-fan interaction, managing stadiums, and other sports venues, and advanced at-home training, allowing players to train and coaches to monitor their progress remotely.

10 Best Sports Tech Companies to Watch in 2023

Blast Motion, Inc.

Movella Inc.

Stack Sports

VR Motion Learning

Digital Magazine