Catapult – Unleash the potential of your team & athletes

Technology has taken over every nuance of the world today, and sports is no exception. Merging sports with technology has taken the industry to new heights—and Catapult stands at the intersection of the two. Being a leading sports tech company, Catapult aims to transform the sports sector by enhancing performance, avoiding injuries, and unleashing the skills of teams and athletes to their full potential.

Catapult’s new and innovative solutions combat the challenges and answer the questions affecting sports performance. The company promotes a customer-centric approach, which reflects in its customized solutions catering to the individual requirements of teams, players, and organizations. Catapult provides personalized products to improve the performance ecosystem, from wearable gadgets to video and performance data analysis.

Founded in 2006, Catapult has mastered its role as a sports technology influencer. Combining unique strategies and organic improvement, the company has become a household name in the sports industry and sports science research. Catapult’s products and solutions empower all athletes and teams, from football and baseball to cricket and rugby, ice and field hockey, and lacrosse.

Catapult believes in supporting teams with wearable technology that optimizes their performances by preparing them for the competitive sports industry. Catapult’s wearable products help athletes handle their workload and monitor their progress. This technology also reduces injury risk. It informs players when they reach their limit by quantifying training drills and tracking athlete loading to prevent injuries. With this tech, players can objectively manage the rehabilitation processes through performance tracking and return-to-play tools.

The sports technology company provides three products supporting wearable technology. Catapult Vector increases the bar for accurate, usable, and efficient software to help coaches and teams make informed and confident decisions regarding performance, risk, and return to play.

Catapult Clearsky, Catapult’s flagship local positioning system, provides unparalleled insight into an athlete’s physical and tactical performance, even in the most unpredictable environments. The final wearable product, Captault One, makes performance technology available to athletes at every level. This tracking device allows amateur football players to monitor their performance like professional footballers.

The industry has been conditioned to use video tools solely for tagging and editing. But when we speak to customers, they don’t want more tags and editing capabilities, they want more time and better insights. — Will Lopes, CEO

With its Video Analysis solutions, Catapult helps sports organizations, coaches, and teams make crucial coaching and recruitment decisions. Catapult Pro Video has set high standards in performance analysis for elite sports teams and leagues by allowing them to capture, connect, analyze, and distribute every part of athlete and team performance data.

Catapult Pro Video has in-built synchronized and connected datasets that include athlete metrics for recording and analyzing every game, series, or season. The Video Analysis presentation tools generate comprehensive presentations and charts using player-tracked annotations and visualizations. Moreover, players can live capture, auto-tag, and livestream multi-angle videos from any location and share videos and insights with anyone on the cloud, regardless of device.

Catapult Thunder, another Video Analysis solution, aims to improve speed, efficiency, and impact. It also enhances communication by engaging athletes and presenting accurate performance details using best-in-class video tools. Furthermore, it assists in effective scouting and recruitment—two fundamental elements determining team success on and off the field.

Syncing athlete performance data with event data and video enhances workflow and displays new insights; Catapult Performance Data and Video solution connect performance data with event data. It contextualizes performance insights by filtering, quantifying, and viewing athlete-specific performance metrics related to video and event information. It also identifies new trends by synchronizing performance outcomes relevant to physical outputs.

Moreover, Catapult Performance Data and Video can access positional data without optical cameras using an in-built wearable GPS. It also allows teams to view their positional data on a 2D pitch, connect performance workflows, and leverage new insights to inform coaching methods and training programs.

The Melbourne, Victoria-based company has helped sports organizations improve their team and athlete performances globally. Catapult partnered up with an Australian university that adopted all elements of Catapult’s performance platform. After implementing Catapult’s technology, the university could enhance the performance infrastructure of over 500 student-athletes by reducing injury risk and improving communication using data-driven insights and athlete details.