BETBY – Sportsbook that is focused on innovation

Everything is digitized in today’s world. With technology taking over every industry, it is unsurprising that the sports sector also leans towards technological development. Sports tech is a rising phenomenon, giving way to online gaming platforms. As a leading sports tech company, BETBY uses its iGaming experience to transform the B2B sportsbook space using robust and innovative tools.

The Tier-1 sportsbook provider empowers industries and clients globally by equipping them with world-class technologies and solutions to combat the trends affecting the Sports Tech space. Sports technology primarily relies on speed and low latency. Betters, in particular, expect their products to support the rising event volume and markets. BETBY resolves this issue by constantly finding the best internal and external data sources to prevent downtimes and meet client expectations.

Fixed matches are another factor affecting the sports technology landscape. Data will only be valuable regardless of speed, latency, or market-leading products if iGaming is built on morals and integrity. BETBY takes the utmost care to create a stable and ethical business that complies with market regulations, thus ensuring player protection, integrity, and safety. BETBY uses AI/ML tools and neutral networks to regularly update and upgrade its products and services per industry requirements.

BETBY believes in a customer-centric approach and finds all possible solutions to eliminate customers’ challenges within the sports technology and betting spaces. BETBY delivers a user-friendly interface that makes its products accessible on a broader range. It offers personalized and customized services tailored to individual needs and experiences. BETBY uses ML models to understand user demands, behaviors, and patterns, making their journey optimum and exciting.

Furthermore, BETBY allows operators to customize their front end according to their requirements, benefiting end users. BETBY also uses the best-in-class BI and reporting tools and risk management solutions to ensure its clients can play and bet safely and securely. With a 24/7 full sportsbook and technical support, BETBY resolves problems instantly and speedily, removing downtime and simplifying complex operations.

BETBY never stands still with our product development, and this will continue to be the case. We understand the industry that we are in will continue to innovate, and it will be imperative to us that we continue to set ourselves apart from other brands in the industry. — Leonid Pertsovskiy, CEO

BETBY’s leadership skills remain unparalleled. The company’s C-levels, with over a decade of experience each, continuously upgrade their services to make the sports tech environment safer and more accessible. BETBY’s products and services allow clients to enjoy unique and high-spec sports technologies with personalized experiences and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, the sports tech company enables smaller operators to use new tools to establish themselves and their businesses within the competitive industry.

BETBY deploys innovative strategies and principles that set the company apart in the fast-paced sports tech space. BETBY believes in a client-first approach and understands their needs and requirements to forge a relationship based on mutual trust and integrity. The iGaming leader aims to understand better its customers’ brands, services, and audiences to build and deliver the best solutions catering to their user journey and business objectives.

As a renowned figure in the sports tech arena, BETBY is constantly expanding and growing. It ensures its services comply with market regulations, remain current with industry trends, and optimize the user experience under new and evolving jurisdictions. BETBY’s diligence, expertise, and hard work help it improve its services and reach a broader audience by establishing local offices to understand the bettors in a specific industry better and assisting small operators with the best tools and support.