Delasport – Sports Betting & iGaming Software solutions provider

iGaming has taken the world by storm. A perfect blend of sports and technology, iGaming combines emerging technologies with the online world to bring sports to new digital heights. As one of the leading sports tech companies, Delasport has made digital gaming more accessible, engaging, successful, and enjoyable. Delasport is a one-stop platform for sports betting and Online Casino forums integral to the online sports space. With new and innovative solutions, the company has earned a top sport as a sports and risk management expert and a premium sports betting supplier.

iGaming is a global sport, and Delasport operates from across the globe to help online gaming organizations and players. Delasport has opened branches in Europe, Latin America, and the United States to improve sports betting, online casinos, and sports technology, operations, and compliance.

Powered by the sports sector’s world-class trading and risk management software, Delasport Sports Management solution assists over 100,000 pre-matches and more than 70,000 live tournaments monthly across hundred of markets covering over 125 popular sports, including Esports and Virtual Sports. Delasport’s real-time live-betting center equips the players with complete live content from all crucial leagues and tournaments using a compiling algorithm that displays accurate odds for betters.

This solution demonstrates personalization and incredible retention abilities, a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive mobile interface, a full-stack including cash-out, bet-builder, quick bets, and customized sports better software tools for all markets.

With its White-Label tool, the Delasport Sports Management solution oversees sportsbook and casino-related functions, such as risk management, trading, player management, casino lobby, and customer service, allowing clients to prioritize traffic generation. The iFrame product instantly and quickly adds sportsbooks to the casino website. This tool does not require prior knowledge, as Delasport’s traders and risk managers manage the entire product. Finally, the Turnkey product offers a one-stop platform solution for in-house sportsbook, casino, and player account management (PAM) products.

As a B2B company, we must serve our licensees with the most relevant product, content, and services to ensure they are on top of their game in each market. — Oren Cohen Shwartz, CEO

Delasport’s DelaCasino solution offers various instantly available options to allow iGaming companies to create their casino products. Companies can choose over a thousand titles, such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Vivo Gaming, Evo Play, Quick Spin, Asia Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Reel Time Gaming, to design their casino tools.

This solution comprises a Games and Slots feature that improves the online casino experience by releasing the latest popular slots and games from distinguished, renowned, and reputed iGaming industry names. The Live Casino tool also features top-tier live gaming providers who reform the Live Casino experience for players by displaying a modern layout.

In addition, the DelaCasino solution boosts user retention using an intricately-created engine that enables customized campaign management and allows operations to expand through tailored CMS and CRS business solutions.

Lastly, Delasport provides Orbit, a modern iGaming platform for managing players with CRM and CMS, which allows betters to operate in big tournaments. Orbit equips betting operators with a fully-equipped Sports Betting and Casino Management system. Orbit lets operators successfully handle betting and casino functions, regardless of size.

The Orbit platform runs on in-house sportsbook and casino products, advanced bonus engines, real-time retention tools,  powerful CRM with automated player relationship management capabilities, VIP player handling, and rich engagement tools. It uses advanced customer relations software to generate transparent and real-time reports; a payment gateway for simplifying customer payments; real-time BI reports to navigate any data influx confidently; customization tools to build a tailored toolbox that processes large datasets.