Rackspace Technology – Multicloud Solutions Provider

As one of the leading NetApp partners, Rackspace Technology is on a mission to revamp the cloud landscape. With organizations rapidly shifting to cloud platforms and operations taking a cloud-based approach, Rackspace Technology aims to make their transition seamless and convenient. The cloud is not a single entity; it has various channels and platforms that need to work in synchronization for growth, development, and efficiency. Rackspace collaborates with the world’s leading technology and multicloud operators to improve applications, data, and security.

As a multicloud solution provider, Rackspace designs new and innovative solutions to create a more accessible environment. The company provides its clients with the latest and advanced tools that increase revenue streams and efficiency and strengthen future projects. Keeping its customers at the center of its work ethic, Rackspace empowers them by enabling private and public cloud solutions for a customized and comfortable digital experience.

Rackspace Technology collaborates with renowned enterprises, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and VMware, to create a holistic approach to cloud services. The company’s tools and solutions strive to combat the challenges its clients experience in the current cloud environment. From an unorganized IT infrastructure and complex applications to managing multiple servers and ensuring customer satisfaction, Rackspace’s services tackle all obstacles hindering growth and support.

Rackspace Technology launched in 1998. It began its operations and created Fanatical Support to boost its clients’ customer engagements and satisfaction. Decades later, Rackspace is one of the top NetApp partners, allowing developers to access computing resources, design a robust IT infrastructure, and perform functions using simplified tools and databases. Rackspace’s managed cloud services empower its clients with high-quality expertise and support across public and private cloud servers.

I love our promise; that we’re here to make customers great. It is wholly consistent with our pledge of Fanatical Experience, and I want to ensure customers remain our focus,” says Amar Maletira, CEO of Rackspace Technology

With 40 data centers across the globe, Rackspace Technology develops unique and practical solutions to transform the multicloud sphere. Its cloud adoption and migration services enable enterprises to migrate to cloud platforms successfully and enhance their IT operations with the help of Rackspace’s experts and consultants.

The cloud adoption and migration solution allows customers to map an efficient and quick migration plan for individual workloads, preventing risks and accelerating investment returns. Customized cloud migration strategies minimize business gaps and reduce downtime by thoroughly assessing every company’s data and environment.

Rackspace’s elastic engineering solution provides on-demand access for better cloud outcomes. As a cloud managing service, elastic engineering plans migrations to the public cloud, provides architectural design and deployment, creates automated CI/CD pipelines, improves security, and manages cloud data across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Businesses lacking human expertise and assistance find it challenging to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing market trends. Rackspace’s elastic engineering for VMware allows enterprises to scale IT operations, reform their VMware multicloud environment and streamline functions.

Cloud optimization is an integral component of successful cloud migration. Cloud optimization equals resource management, and efficient resource management reduces unjustified overhead optimization costs. With its cloud optimization solutions, Rackspace maximizes cloud performance and uses personalized optimization plans to reduce cloud costs. The service delivers cloud integration and organization solutions to design, build, and operate high-performing and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

With its Onica solution, Rackspace Technology accelerates cloud migration using deep AWS expertise, including dedicated AWS sales and solution, architecture, and engineering teams. The cloud experts optimize, transform, and secure cloud environments, and modernize data architecture, which makes cloud migration fast and convenient.

Rackspace Technology has helped its customers overcome numerous cloud-related challenges. In one such instance, Rackspace provided its services to BMG Rights Management, also known as BMG, one of the leading music rights management companies. Since cloud-based streaming services like Spotify drive the current music scene, artists rely on digital sources for their incomes—especially post-pandemic. The sudden migration to cloud services brought an influx of large datasets, which BMG struggled to collect and organize.

Using Rackspace’s services and solutions, BMG migrated its applications to cloud platforms successfully and cost-efficiently. Within six months, the company had loaded over 50% of its operations, including business-critical applications for supply chain management, royalty calculation, and data analytics, on cloud servers.