Softchoice – Success. Fully realized.

As one of the leading NetApp partners, Softchoice is a technology company that aims to revolutionize the cloud landscape. In recent years, there has been a surge in cloud migration due to digitization and technological advancements. However, moving to the cloud requires thorough planning for a convenient migration. Softchoice develops innovative and agile solutions that help its clients form a productive, creative, and comfortable environment.

As an IT technology solution provider, Softchoice works with organizations to unlock the full potential of the cloud, enhance workplaces, and enable companies to make informed decisions regarding their business goals, investments, and portfolios. With a mission to reform the cloud sphere, Softchoice builds upgraded and effective technology to push its customers forward in a hyper-competitive industry.

Softchoice collaborates with renowned industry specialists, including Microsoft, Cisco, Google, VMware, and Amazon Web Services, to combat and fix challenges its clients encounter in the cloud space. Issues such as high technological costs, a weak IT infrastructure, rigid IT operations, and a lack of cloud skills and expertise hinder the growth and expansion of IT organizations. Additionally, problems like complex processes, low productivity, unclear business goals, and uniform solutions for every industry pose a challenge in the development of IT operations.

With challenges like cybersecurity, risk management, unorganized inventory, and asset management looming over companies, Softchoice incorporates and deploys unique solutions using the latest technology and software to plan effective cloud migration, optimization, and security strategies.

We are a software-focused IT solutions company. We equip organizations to be agile and innovative. So what that means is we create success for our customers by helping them move to the cloud, by helping them build the digital workplace of tomorrow, and by enabling them to make smarter decisions about their technology,” said Vince De Palma, President and CEO of Softchoice.

Launched in 1989, Softchoice uses decades of expertise to make the cloud landscape easy to navigate. Softchoice’s Cloud and Data Center solution delivers agile services and enhances cloud and on-premises performances. Approximately 73 percent of IT leaders predict revenue loss without digital transformation. The risk of legacy system failure, which compromises agility and adaptability, contributes sixty to eighty percent to IT budgets.

This Cloud and Data Center solution merges innovation with modernized applications to accelerate cloud migration and multicloud services. It also develops an application plan and cloud roadmap using TCO and ROI to understand business objectives better. Furthermore, this solution extends existing on-premises investments through hybrid models, identifies risks, creates cost-efficient strategies, boosts risk management operations, and makes market data easily accessible through DevOps.

Softchoice’s Collaboration and Digital Workplace services create practical and efficient hybrid models. It provides a high-quality experience across multiple devices with the same speed and functionality, regardless of the location. Companies can use Softchoice’s security tools to create a secure data network, avoid threats, and decrease overhead and unjustified technological costs.

With its IT and Software Asset Management solution, the Ontario, Canada-based company reduces costs and makes IT investments more valuable. This solution captures and consolidates data across multiple sources to gain accurate insight for better decision-making skills. A Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) enhances existing skills and knowledge to increase productivity and implement effective practices. Softchoice’s software license management uses robust tools, saving up to thirty percent on annual software prices. It also increases software compliance and IT productivity and reduces software and security risks.

Softchoice’s solutions and services have helped various companies improve their business by assisting them in cloud migration efficiently, quickly, and safely. For instance, Media Sonar, a security solutions provider for public and private organizations, uses web intelligence and investigations platforms. The integrated system helps its customers detect and eliminate potential security attacks. However, Media Sonar’s platform lacked scalability, agility, and security to support new customer data.

Softchoice’s Cloud Transformation Team conducted thorough DevOps, Landing Zone, Security, and API Gateway assessments and offered suggestions based on Media Sonar’s security, infrastructure, and application insights. After following Softchoice’s recommendations and plans, the security company built a cost-efficient and secure platform with better systems to protect its clients.