SHI – Security, Productivity, Cloud & Infrastructure IT solutions

One of the leading NetApp partners, SHI International Corp., believes in transforming the cloud landscape. The cloud forms the core of all business functions in today’s digital age. Every company, regardless of size and industry, relies on cloud-based platforms to conduct its operations. SHI International Corp. diligently takes its responsibilities as an IT partner and provides cloud-designing, data center, and computing services to its clients.

As an IT solution provider, SHI delivers the latest and upgraded hardware and software to support hybrid-working models. SHI’s team of talented and diverse experts devise agile and scalable solutions that reach individual and collective business needs and enable IT organizations to grow and expand. SHI International Corporation generates ideas, creates solutions, and delivers accurate results by transforming business using relevant tools.

Various trends affect the current cloud sphere, such as managing long-tail vendors, organizing logistics, fastening IT procurements, and arranging IT inventory. Every organization requires a robust transformation and secure support system for corporate, enterprise, government, or academia. SHI International Corporations strives to combat these challenges to make cloud migration safe and secure for users.

With its customer-centric approach, SHI solidifies the modern IT and cloud infrastructure to transform business models, enables seamless hybrid workplace collaborations, strengthens hybrid cybersecurity, and optimizes IT procurement. SHI offers its customers customized and innovative IT services with top-notch customer support.

We don’t ‘target’ customers; we talk to them. We understand where they are and where they need to go. Then we help them select, deploy, and manage the technology that will get them there,” said Thai Lee, President and CEO of SHI International Corp.

SHI develops various solutions to assist its clients in growing their companies, mapping business strategies, and boosting productivity. Often, companies find it challenging to act quickly in case of a business and technological need due to a lack of adequate information. SHI Executive Briefing is an on-site and virtual purpose-built center that provides fast, practical, and cost-efficient tools and technologies. The briefing manages concerns regarding cybersecurity, product optimization, and cloud adoption.

This solution generates personalized and interactive engagements that transform IT infrastructure, replace outdated systems with new models, and execute cost-efficient and modernized cloud migration methods. Additionally, SHI Executive Briefing protects cloud and workforce strategies from cyberattacks and regulatory policies.

The IT Lifecycle services streamline, manage, and optimize operations across an enterprise’s end user and data center computing networks. This cost-efficient, smooth, and quick solution improves performances, acquires and handles software, manages devices and vendor contracts, and provides expert training solutions. With the help of IT Lifecycle solutions, customers can accelerate acquisition and provision, reduce downtime and lifetime cost of devices, and outsource special management skills. In addition, SHI’s clients can also use this service to improve governance, prevent financial and security risks, enhance application usage, streamline procurement procedures and drive adoptions.

SHI’s cybersecurity solutions help organizations minimize digital risks. Companies are at constant risk of being the target of cyberattacks that breach their data and leak confidential files. SHI creates a strategic approach that balances technology, people, and digital operations. The company’s vendor-independent method generates technology solutions and provides a customer innovation center that builds a secure infrastructure and protects information and clients from cybersecurity threats.

With over thirty years of experience and knowledge, SHI invests its expertise to create and relocate data centers with the latest technologies to build a secure and solid environment. Its data center services leverage virtual, cloud, and hybrid tools to set up data centers that cater to individual business goals and requirements. SHI’s One Cloud Management solution simplifies cloud migration, migration, and optimization by streamlining and reforming the cloud transformation.

SHI International Corp has helped various clients and customers optimize their cloud operations and navigate the space comfortably. In one instance, Princess House, a US-based kitchenware manufacturer, required new technology to support its needs. The company’s Basic service level support did not have a fast SLA, leading to an e-commerce outage. With the help of SHI’s Professional service level of Azure Support and expert support from technical engineers, Princess House was able to increase its secure score by four percent within two months, identify and eliminate hidden costs, and unlock additional savings.