Teradata – Enterprise Data Analytics for a Multi-Cloud World

As a leading NetApp partner, Teradata believes in exploring the power and potential for data harnessing. Data forms the core of every enterprise, regardless of size and industry. Teradata is on a mission to optimize data for faster operation, better governance, improved analytics, scalability, and project acceleration. Keeping its customers’ needs at the forefront, Teradata aims to reform the data landscape to assist companies in maximizing their values and meeting their business goals.

In a day and age when data drives businesses, workloads, and technology, companies look for optimal and efficient methods to transform their databases. Not all data holds value; it is essential to sort out and analyze the correct data type for quicker and more accurate results. Teradata helps clients worldwide unlock their data potential and turn it into their most valuable asset. With decades of experience, Teradata studies the market and industry insights to create innovative data harnessing services.

Various challenges affect the data analysis environment. Mapping the right strategy, technology integration, operation deployment, cloud management, increasing risk factors, and complex datasets are some of the main obstacles enterprises face in the current system. Teradata’s team of manufacturing, transportation, smart city, and utility experts and specialists use their expertise to develop solutions that solve these challenges and expand business profits.

Teradata uses its resources and knowledge to simplify complex, large-scale business operations and optimize the financial departments of enterprises. The NetApp partner builds data and analytics tools using financial and non-financial rapid data integration to create customized solutions that cater to specific business needs, enhance performance time, and improve efficiency.

With its preventative measures, Teradata combats frequent and common risks encountered in various industries, such as communications, financial services, retail, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, travel & transportation, media & entertainment, automotive, telco, government, and energy & natural resources. Teradata observes data patterns and uses thread intelligence tools to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and neutralize operations, fraud, credit, cyber security, credit, supply chain, and regulatory compliance risks that may cause severe damage.

Teradata’s experts break down complex and large datasets and acquire relevant information, from devising a solid strategy and IT infrastructure to implementing data analytics and training. Many companies have undefined operation goals, limited analytics tools, and narrow use cases, resulting in an overload of irrelevant data. Teradata assists companies in making informed investment decisions, maximizing business values, and evolving from standalone to highly integrated and business-focused enterprises using scalable and analytics products.

Teradata deploys the latest cloud models and technologies, from hybrid multi-cloud to inter-cloud, to offer companies the autonomy, liberty, and room to use data flexibly.

As data gravity is moving towards the cloud, it really means that we have to be in front of that, and we have to have the technology in place to capture that data as it moves to the cloud. So, the vision from a product perspective, in terms of cloud-first, is to be the leader from a connected multi-cloud data platform perspective,” said Steve McMillan, President and CEO of Teradata.

Having been in the business world since 1979, Teradata possesses extended bouts of information and confidently delivers its data solutions and tools. Teradata’s asset optimization solution offers real-time data through sensors. It provides business context and real-time data to increase productivity, fix downtime issues, and effectively utilize assets.

The company allows OEM and end users to use IoT, data, and analytics to build business-driven goals, monitor and maintain critical operations, and predict future insights. In addition to improving performance and reducing downtime, the asset optimization solution eliminates blind spots and consolidates data, increases revenue streams, controls inventory, provides real-time suggestions and reports, and streamlines processes.

Teradata believes in boosting customer satisfaction and creating a positive user journey. Its customer experience solution allows companies to gain visibility into their customer’s struggles and build customer-centric interactions. Teradata’s Vantage Customer Experience (CX) gives enterprises the freedom, autonomy, insights, and a 360-degree customer view to gauge and understand user demands and patterns.

Teradata has developed risk management strategies and solutions in its quest to mitigate risks. Every business has experienced cyber security attacks or has been on the receiving end of cyber fraud schemes. Teradata uses machine learning and specialized analytical tools to study attack patterns, signals, and trends. Analyzing cyber attack behaviors lets Teradata’s clients recognize and prioritize risks, prepare risk management strategies, and streamline the risk-elimination process. Accurate risk identification data makes it easier to model and test scenarios and form informed response actions.

Based in California, USA, Teradata delivers its data management products to clients across the globe. Teradata’s Artificial Intelligence product has helped multiple industries improve technology, reconfigure their professions and lives, and achieve success. Using Teradata’s AI software, clients can efficiently detect fraud, track their performances, and optimize and maintain server engines. By using field-based AI client engagements and channeling them into accelerators, Teradata increases value time and reduces customized risks.

With its Big Data product, Teradata enables large data companies to differentiate, understand, and adapt to customer preferences by using database analytic tools. Coupled with AI and Machine Learning, Big Data solves complex business decisions.

The USA-based company’s data analytics and data lake products analyze prescriptive, predictive, and high-level models to uncover critical and relevant business operational data. The data lake product helps companies explode huge data chunks to derive value and make financially feasible decisions. The ‘dark’ data from the web and mobile contains valuable information, which data lakes collect, refine, and scale using low-cost technologies, such as data marts and data warehouses, that give power to downstream facilities.

Teradata has worked with various clients and helped them reform their business strategies and evaluate and meet their goals. Brinker International Inc., one of Teradata’s clients and one of the world’s leading casual dining restaurant companies, required flexible and unique technologies and tools. A cloud-focused company, Brinker International Inc., relied on cloud data analysis to boost deliveries and service quality. However, since each Brinker restaurant operated using multiple data sources, such as customer feedback, sales, staff, delivery, take-out, online orders, and weather reports, they found converting raw data into valuable business insights challenging.

Brinker International Inc. made its operations flexible and scalable using Teradata Vantage’s hybrid multi-cloud data analytics solution. In addition to simple queries, Teradata’s tools enabled the casual dining restaurant to handle complex and bulk orders without compromising the response time.