ATP – Making aviation safer and more reliable

In today’s growth-enabled, competition-fueled, and data-driven aviation industry, real-time regulatory information, maintenance, operations, inventory, repetitive defect analysis, and troubleshooting software provide consumers sustainable growth with efficiency, resilience, and speed, hence giving them the much-needed winning edge over their competitors.

ATP is an exemplary source of real-time regulatory information, aircraft technical publications, and a reputed software provider for operations, troubling shooting software, inventory, maintenance, and defect analysis.

This is where ATP, a leader in the aviation software solutions domain and information services, has raised the bar by providing applications that help in the reduction of operating costs, supporting technical knowledge sharing and collaboration, and improvement of aircraft reliability.

ATP’s ingenious product portfolio, which includes Flightdocs, ChronicX, Aviation Hub, and SpotLight, has reduced operating costs, improved aircraft reliability, and supported technical knowledge sharing and collaboration. ATP has achieved all of this over its fifty-year journey, which has now given it a growing reputation in the aviation industry, for innovation, reliability, and quality.

Keeping new trends in mind, amidst the pandemic, Flightdocs, the second largest provider of aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management solutions within the global business aviation sector, has become a part of ATP’s growing product line, making it the global leader of software solutions and information services that are focused on aircraft safety and reliability.

Access to Flightdocs, with its comprehensive suite of services, will be provided to the customers, which will support the safety aspect as well as reliability aspect of the operation of their aircraft.

Poised to be one of the leading solution providers in the aviation industry, ATP’s acquisition of Flightdoc will now leverage the technical publication libraries, chronic defect analysis, troubleshooting software, and regulatory content, offered by ATP and will start providing cutting-edge and user-friendly maintenance tracking and inventory management software to the market,

“Flightdocs’ commitment to innovation and service makes it an ideal addition to the ATP family. Working together, our goal will be to deliver the most advanced maintenance tracking, inventory management, and flight operations software on the market. Flightdocs has been known for excellent support, a superior user experience, and powerful tools that can create massive benefits for our customers.” commented Rick Noble, Chief Executive Officer at ATP.

ATP’s top-notch products and world-class services support more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals worldwide. As a company of global eminence, ATP amasses more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries and partnerships with over 90 OEMs.

Given ATP’s prestigious product line, Aviation Hub brought technical and regulatory publications regarding the aviation domain, together in one application for quick and compliant action. Aviation Hub’s main prime task is to simplify complex applications like information access, increase productivity, and support compliance and safety in the aviation industry.

Another popular product on ATP’s portfolio is ChronicX, which provides a comprehensive solution to automatically identify chronic defects, defect analysis, and chronic resolution management, for the improvement of the security and reliability features of the aircraft.

ChronicX checks for cogent and recurring defects in terms of maintenance data of an aircraft, simply by using an in-house built, exclusive in nature, and next-level text-mining engine and machine learning algorithms. ChronicX can discover many recurring aircraft defects, most often missed by traditional analysis, improving the accuracy of the overall data by up to 80%.

Coming to SpotLight, it is a cloud-based troubleshooting tool that is interactive in nature, captures field experiences. It also offers best-in-class aviation troubleshooting processes, just by presenting tests in proper and logical order, refining the possible solution lists and tests in real-time, based on provided recommendations, and providing logic-sensitive documentation at each step.

In the note from the ATP’s CEO himself, “I look forward to building on this work by providing increased structure in order to better align ATP’s strategy, technology, and processes and help the company break through to the next level of growth,” ATP’s dedication to its growth and perseverance as it gears up for the future of aviation, is clearly reflected.