11th Advanced Forum on Import Compliance & Enforcement

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Import Compliance & Enforcement starting from November 8th 2022.

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American Conference Institute is hosting their 11th advanced forum on Import Compliance & Enforcement this November! Attend this in-person event and join U.S. imports and customs controls experts and supply chain professionals.

This 2-day, in-depth strategic conference is the only comprehensive, practical event of its kind that covers U.S. and international regulatory changes impacting imports and customs compliance strategy. Connect with an established community of global import compliance, customs, and supply chain experts and absorb key takeaways from sessions covering highly complicated, evolving US import controls.

Hear from key U.S. customers and border protection officials:

  • Eric Choy – Acting Executive Director, Trade Remedy Law Enforcement
  • Alaina Van Horn – Branch Chief for the IPR Branch, Regulations & Rulings
  • Dax Terrill – Branch Chief, Exclusion Order Enforcement

Email: customerservice@americanconference.com

Phone: 1-888-224-2480

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