2nd Annual MarketsandMarkets Big Data Virtual Summit

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Identifying the Key Aspects of Big Data and Incorporating them in the business processes

With an increasing amount of data, it has become vital for organizations to incorporate Big Data Analytics into their business processes. The continuous evolution Big Data Tools & Technologies has led to increase in its presence in day-to-day operations of several industries. The market holds enormous number of opportunities as well as challenges and it has become essential to keep track of these and incorporate them into our data strategy. The event focuses on Addressing the data quality issues, Big Data architectures to be incorporated for efficient and effective processes, Tools & Technologies that is uplifting the market and building an effective Testing Environment.

After the success of our first edition, we are proud to present to you the ‘2nd Edition MarketsandMarkets BIG DATA VIRTUAL SUMMIT’ which is scheduled to take place on 22nd-23rd July 2021. The conference will extend the opportunity to explore the technological advances and innovations in the field of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and its applications.

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