2nd Watch – Empowering Enterprises with the Public Cloud

While it is true that society is governed by different industries working together, each sector relies on a common denominator: data. Data is an essential factor that runs almost all operations. However, with the advent of digitization, data has also become digital, mainly in the form of the cloud. 2nd Watch, a leading VMware partner, aims to reform and make the cloud landscape more accessible.

With a mission to transform the cloud, 2nd Watch combines innovation with security and accessibility to simplify cloud navigation. The company creates new services and innovative solutions for a better customer experience and business process. In today’s post-hardware age, 2nd Watch embraces technology and efficiency.

As a top VMware partner, 2nd Watch extends on-premises vSphere technology to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to design a robust hybrid cloud system. It deploys the latest tools and resources to assist various industries, including financial services, insurance, IT, healthcare, education, retail, marketing, transportation and logistics, and government and education.

Whether building an advanced cloud platform or migrating to VMware-operated applications and data centers, 2nd Watch optimizes cloud infrastructure, modernizes data points, and simplifies complex cloud functions. 2nd Watch delivers a proven six-solution strategy that enables a customer-centric model: data center migration and application modernization, data engineering, compliance and security, DevOps, and managed services.

2nd Watch uses its Cloud Advisory services to answer some of the most frequent and recurring questions asked in the cloud sphere. Cloud is the future of enterprises. However, given the sudden migration to cloud-based platforms, companies tend to hit a brick wall. Questions related to cloud providers, on-premises resources, hybrid platforms, and financial transparency stump new or potential cloud users.

Ultimately, it comes down to translating the words of our core values through the connected actions of many, so our entire team of associates genuinely feels, embraces, and fosters constructive energy that is unique to 2nd Watch and helps us thrive. And as our associates thrive, so do our clients and our results,” said Doug Schneider, CEO of 2nd Watch.

Through its cloud advisory solutions, 2nd Watch assists companies in reshaping strategies, adapting to changes, delivering cloud modernization, and quickly navigating cloud processes and technical issues.

With over a decade of expertise, 2nd Watch cloud modernization Services allow companies to move to and switch between public clouds quickly and safely. This solution enables cloud migration, application rationalization, application modernization, database modernization, and application development.

2nd Watch offers data insight services that plan, structure, and implement data-focused projects. The company’s highly skilled data experts create strategies that minimize risks, tackle challenges, and align with a company’s objectives. With its data insight solution, 2nd Watch recognizes, captures, and incorporates data across multiple operations and provides uninterrupted and reliable access to relevant data.

Various challenges affect the cloud’s security, such as new features, regulatory compliance, implementation cases, and business continuity. Proper protection not only guards an enterprise’s assets but also fixes in-house obstacles, stops data wastage, and prevents data from becoming obsolete. 2nd Watch’s cloud security services offer 24/7 multi-cloud protection that provides complete security device management throughout the year.

In addition, this 2nd Watch solution implements tools that agree with compliance rules per industry and internal policies, such as CIS, CCPA, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, and PCI DSS. It measures an organization’s DevOps and security maturity to speed up application delivery and enhance security tools. In case of a cloud disaster or crash, Cloud Security services use a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to recover data in less than four hours.

2nd Watch has a diverse portfolio encompassing its services, solutions, and the way they have assisted its clients. In one such case study, the Seattle-based company worked with an online retailer specializing in building and marketing eCommerce consumer brands. The online retailer wanted to modernize its data reporting solutions to grow and expand its business by receiving accurate and reliable business insights.

To implement and accelerate data modernization, 2nd Watch aimed to merge disparate data into Postgres databases to collect data analytics. 2nd Watch used Snowflake to design a modern data platform that processes disparate data in a single location. The company implemented data processes across all organizational operations using AWS products and built reporting dashboards and performance visualizations using Microsoft Power BI.

With product and inventory visibility, the online retailer could balance supply and demand chains and generate results aligning with its goals. In addition, data manufacturing and enablement allowed the retailer to reduce extra and unjustified costs.