3CLogic – Cloud Contact Center Technology For Enterprises

Call centers are constantly facing new challenges. To continue catering to the needs of their customers, companies should always look for new technologies that will enable them to operate more efficiently and seamlessly. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the business world hard, demanding instant disruption, companies like 3CLogic were ready to accept the challenge.

3CLogic has brought forward the best contact center tech to help organizations seamlessly integrate voice with current digital channels. The company’s cloud contact center solution transforms the way a contact center CRM functions. With 3CLogic’s extensive features including customized self-service experiences, CTI, virtual and live agent interactions, and conversational analytics, you can improve how your company communicates with consumers and employees.

Whether companies want to increase customer service, employee productivity, and retention, or sales performance, 3CLogic gives them the tools they need to reach their full potential and produce incredible results.

The company’s motto is to empower its clients’ agents by providing them with the most up-to-date information at the appropriate time. With 3CLogic’s modern and versatile communication platform, now companies can strike the optimal mix between self-service, AI-powered transactions, and human interaction.

Denis Seynhaeve, CEO of 3CLogic, said in an interview, “As organizations adjust to the new work environment, the adoption of cloud-enabled technologies to simplify and enhance customer engagements and streamline collaboration between groups will be key to any long-term success. We look forward to continuing to expand our portfolio of features to support our current and future customers as they adapt to the ongoing market trends and shifts.”

Email and chat are examples of digital communications that can fall short. When a problem is complicated or time is of the essence, having the appropriate voice-escalation capabilities is critical. It is now easy to solve urgent issues with 3CLogic’s integrated cloud communication platform.

With ServiceNow, companies can empower their agents to provide outstanding service from anywhere in the world. In short, remote contact center infrastructure is now a reality. 3CLogic’s native integration with the ServiceNow platform complements existing digital channels such as email and chat to offer an omnichannel experience that includes voice and SMS text capabilities.

With 3CLogic’s robust outbound capabilities, companies can increase sales productivity and lead conversion. This empowerment allows sales and marketing people within a firm to reach out to more quality leads and prospects more quickly. 3CLogic’s state-of-the-art technology also allows companies to keep track of key performance indicators to ensure that teams fulfill their respective quotas and their clients meet or exceed sales targets.

3CLogic has been helping its clients to seamlessly operate their businesses, by enabling them to conduct intelligent routing, IVR, auto-dialer choices, ACD, reporting, dashboards, and quality monitoring. The company also gives access to all the tools and capabilities needed to run an efficient inbound, outbound, or hybrid Contact Center.

With 3CLogic’s cloud communication platform, organizations can create a next-generation call center in the cloud and increase their team’s productivity while improving client interactions. Moreover, 3CLogic’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) empowers agents with Universal CTI, an easy-to-use agent-facing tool that provides extensive Call Center functionality while providing users with real-time access to all relevant information. This can be made a seamless process by simply integrating 3Cogic’s solutions with leading platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, SAP, and SugarCRM.

One of the other important features of 3CLogic’s contact center solutions is its Voice Response That Is Interactive (IVR) offerings. Now, companies can create and manage call flows with ease to improve the customer experience at every stage of the journey. It has been now easier to balance regular call automation with the effective skills-based routing of customers to the appropriate agent, team, or department. So, it is worth noting that 3CLogic is driving innovation in the contact center business.