4Experience – Immersive 3D Solutions For Your Business

4Experience develops interactive 3D applications for businesses around the globe. The company helps organizations gain a competitive advantage by leveraging immersive and intelligent technologies. VR and AR Development are among the 4Experience’s primary competencies.

4Experience also specializes in  AI and Machine Learning Solutions, 3D modeling and animation, and IT Consulting for WebXR Development. The organization comprises a team of skilled developers, artists, managers, and business specialists who can work as an extension of the client’s company or produce custom-tailored solutions independently. 4Experience provides the essential solutions to businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible, both technically and commercially. Every project relies heavily on 4experience’s extensive years of business development and R&D expertise..

4Experience develops Interactive & Intelligent 3D solutions that tackle real-world problems while gratifying customers and coworkers. The company’s vivid project portfolio includes games and simulations, medical, rehabilitation, education, and practical employee training. 4Experience professionals use their knowledge and experience to create the finest solutions for businesses.

Developing AR/VR content necessitates an increasing number of skilled individuals. Founded in 2015 with its head office located at Bielsko-Biala, Poland, 4Experience employs around 50-55 highly driven, talented professionals. The collective objective of 4Experience employees is to create VR content, and they are proud to play a part in shaping the business’s future.

Many sectors employ virtual and augmented reality technology. 4Experience develops augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) solutions for various industries to help organizations grow. The purpose of its solutions, which range from VR applications to full 3D configurators, is to boost sales and improve user experience.

The 4Experience VR Business Training Platform is a comprehensive toolbox that enables companies to quickly provide VR training for their employees. Employers and organizations can use these technologies to develop virtual reality training. 4Experience’s products provide everything a company needs to get up and running quickly, from setting up a training environment to verifying employee training progress.

When it comes to company culture, 4Experience is characterized by its five core values, namely constant development, integrity, positive attitude, entrepreneurship, and transparency. These govern everything the company does and stands for.

“We went through a transformation – from a small studio dedicated to virtual reality, we became a medium-sized company that holistically develops broadly understood interactive 3D applications. What’s important, we don’t close ourselves to one or two specific industries because we see potential in and successfully carry out projects for all business sectors,” said Jolanta Kubatek, CEO of 4Experience.

Work efficiency is highly influenced by the team’s positive approach and company atmosphere, which helps foster solid and long-term connections with each other and with the clients. 4Experience’s extensive practical experience enables it to provide world-class solutions to its clients and help their businesses flourish. The holistic approach to projects brings together the best talent from a variety of industries, including engineering, gaming, design, psychology, and marketing.

4Experience is a pioneer in the field of metaverse development. It provides every service imaginable, from consulting and planning to implementation and launch, and maintenance. It transforms the way firms operate, attracts new customers, and gains a competitive advantage.

4Experience depends on the knowledge and skill of experts who have been a part of the virtual revolution for years while developing cutting-edge AR/VR content production. They are inspired by traditional solutions, but the organization is also committed to innovation. The goal is to determine the most efficient and effective technique to attain the desired result. The company is a vibrant workplace where experts interact and collaborate on great ideas. In 4Experience’s high-tech VR lab, concepts come to life.