4flow – Supply Chain Consulting, Supply Chain Software and Supply Chain Services

Market trends are directly proportional to business operations. Companies modify their strategies to adapt to the changes as market trends evolve. Supply chain management is a crucial factor that affects business models—4flow assists clients by helping them adjust their supply chains according to the evolving industry environment. By empowering organizations with the right solutions, services, and technologies, 4flow has established itself as a leading supply chain company.

4flow’s business model combines knowledge, IT expertise, and innovative solutions uniquely. The company emphasizes the importance of supply chain consulting, software, and services to equip companies with customized tools. 4flow uses its experience and comprehensive supply chain knowledge to build a cross-functional competent environment that meets client expectations and helps them achieve their goals.

Every industry has individual business models requiring different quality and innovation tools. 4flow’s supply chain experts provide consulting, software, and outsourcing services that fit the objectives and practices of each sector. The company understands the inner and outer workings of supply chains to devise personalized solutions for various industries, including automotive manufacturers, goods and retail, high-tech and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and logistics service providers.

With a global presence, 4flow offers its supply chain solution to major organizations and small and medium-sized businesses in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. 4flow’s supply chain strategy solutions support clients in all supply chain-related operations that accelerate the development of the global delivery of goods. The supply chain company handles mergers and acquisitions that help the M&M process, from decision-making to operational implementation.

4flow’s business development tools provide companies with cross-industry market insights to help them broaden their audience and target new industries. Preparation of make-or-buy decisions is integral to supply chain strategies; 4flow supports enterprises in all outsourcing stages. The company also supports supply chain segmentation to reduce supply chain complexities like cost optimization.

Supply chain organization allows companies to streamline their internal and external functions. 4flow’s supply chain organization skills help companies build robust organizational structures and centralize processes, gaining a competitive edge. 4flow also provides sustainability-consulting services that factor in environmental, social, and economic elements for holistic sustainability. Furthermore, 4flow considers evolving customer demands by establishing customer-centric supply chains to improve the user experience.

In order to provide our customers with excellent results and innovative solutions, we knew when we started 4flow that our corporate culture would focus on customers and our team. — Kai Althoff, CEO

4flow also provides SAP digital supply chain solutions by collaborating with industries to design and execute SAP-based solutions using cutting-edge technologies and SAP S/4HANA transformation, an end-to-end transformation approach for resilient business processes. With its SAP digital logistic services, 4flow reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and improves customer experiences through digital platforms across the supply chain.

The Berlin-based company also optimizes supply chains with add-ons for network designing, planning, and visualization. 4flow’s SAP services include consulting, implementation, transformation, and training solutions for SAP S/4HANA and SAP digital chains by providing lifetime support and sustainable product footprint management to reduce environmental liability.

4flow provides end-to-end support through customers’ digital supply chain transformations that assist in developing supply chain IT landscapes using best-in-class IT solutions. 4flow’s supply chain planning and S&OP services optimize strategies and processes and use data science tools to design customized solutions for leveraging supply chain data.

Artificial intelligence is taking over all organizational functions; 4flow uses world-class AI methods in supply chain processes to enable digital transportation management, reduce transportation costs, and promote webinar series on designing the future of automotive supply chain planning. 4flow proves that concurrent planning can optimize the automotive industry.

4flow believes in revolutionizing supply chain management by offering holistic support in logistics and production departments. 4flow’s logistic and production solutions accelerate process optimization by increasing efficiency and through in-house logistic cost audits. The company also oversees warehouse and material flow planning to improve supply reliability and reduce logistic prices. 4flow’s customized digital supply chain and production control solutions enhance production logistics with all-rounder lean management approaches that assist in layout planning and traffic concepts.

Distribution networks in current industry spaces should allow businesses to improve their brand status. 4flow helps companies optimize their status quo through digital solutions and fully automated smart warehouses. 4flow develops smart warehouses and factories to reduce inventory costs. The company’s digital intralogistics support IT system integration and automation solutions that build sustainable supply chains with high service levels and low overhead costs.

With its transportation management solutions, 4flow reduces carbon footprint, optimizes networks, and provides consulting, software, and managed services. Optimization of distribution services helps 4flow handle inventory and transportation by combining real-time insights with advanced slot management. Moreover, 4flow’s supply chain+ solutions design a supply chain with long-term benefits, such as constant cost reductions and improved network performance.

Business process outsourcing is a vital component of supply chain management—4flow is a pioneer in building a comprehensive BPO experience. 4flow offers individual solutions to companies to support them in all outsourcing phases. As a provider of supply chain services, 4flow removes the challenge of lack of assets or restrictions by supporting cost-optimal supply chain selections.

4flow’s end-to-end transportation management system reduces supply chain costs. Its integrated transportation management as a service solution handles active transportation on behalf of the customers by integrating it into day-to-day supply chain management. 4flow iTMS (integrated transportation management system) supports planning and billing, and 4flow vista® provides usable stand-alone solutions as add-ons.

With its supply chain network design software, 4flow provides 4flow vista®, a software for supply chain and transportation planning. Another tool, 4flow NEVA, rapidly models and analyses complex supply chain networks. Finally, 4flow’s integrated material and transportation planning services offer software applications to schedule deliveries during material planning. 4flow TORO reduces transportation costs with early optimization of demands; Kinaxis TLO by 4flow reduces transportation emissions.

4flow provides its services to established, small, and medium-sized businesses worldwide. One of 4flow’s customers, Mercedes-Benz AG, a renowned name in the automotive industry, needed 4flow’s help. Mercedes-Benz AG wanted an initial rollout of an end-to-end track and trace system along the entire supply chain and integration of internal ERP systems.

With 4flow’s help, Mercedes-Benz AG could simplify complex shipments by tracking them within a single system landscape. 4flow also enabled transparency regarding material inventory for each global supply chain location and made process exceptions identifiable for securing plant supply.