98point6 – On-Demand Text-Based Primary Care App

The world witnessed an explosion of interest in telemedicine when each of our lives got struck by a global pandemic. Consequently, the demand for telemedicine is on the rise as more and more patients come forward to take advantage of the convenience that digital healthcare offers. 98point6 is an innovative and resourceful telemedicine company that has stepped up to meet this relatively new trend in the use of telecommunications technology.

98point6 is a one-of-a-kind telemedicine company that provides patients with on-demand, text-based primary care wherever they are and whenever they need it. 98point6 adapts to each individual’s lifestyle perfectly and the patient has access to healthcare 24/7 through the convenience of an app. Now, it’s possible to get primary care as per a patient’s personal calendar as quickly as everything else, anywhere, without making any appointments. 98point6 is evolving a new approach to primary care by combining deep technology with the expertise of board-certified physicians.

The main purpose of telemedicine is to connect patients with practicing and qualified doctors. 98point6 introduces the concept of a digital triage where the patients are first sorted (triaged) and then routed to the most suitable doctor before they connect with that person. Much of this digital triage is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence.

98point6 enables patients to effectively interact with an AI-powered system before connecting them with a doctor. Patients are then carefully screened and sorted with the help of the AI so that they can get the most appropriate care as per their requirements. The 98point6 platform utilizes voice and image recognition features as well as data collected from the patient to streamline its operation and enhance the user experience.

“98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care by pairing deep technology with the expertise of board-certified physicians. Our innovative service offers consistent access to comprehensive care in sickness and in health and includes diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and labs as well as consultation for any health-related question. We provide accessible care with uncompromising quality—all at a massively lower cost than anything else on the market today.” says Jeff Greenstein, the CEO, Co-Founder, and Chairman at 98point6.

98point6 ensures that all your medical questions are answered promptly right on your phone by board-certified physicians supported by advanced technology. No question is too small. After the consultation, a care plan is sent to the patient’s phone with professional diagnosis and treatment. They can review it anytime they want along with the prescriptions, if any, are sent to the patient’s local pharmacy instantly.

Patient safety is given utmost priority at 98point6. On this platform, physicians and doctors strictly adhere to evidence-based prescribing standards, with policies that mirror those of traditional primary care practices. Extra steps are taken to educate patients on the appropriate use of medication so that it results in the best possible outcomes.

98point6 makes it easier than ever to get medical treatment. Since visits are text-based (via secure, in-app messaging with multimedia capabilities if required), the patients can ensure complete privacy while getting the diagnosis and treatment that they need. This includes ordering prescriptions and lab tests if required. The platform can also prove to be a more affordable alternative for people without insurance.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare especially when its backed by advanced medical software. It makes healthcare more efficient and more effective. Due to its ease of use and accurate results, 98point6 is carving out its name as a premier telemedicine company and is likely to continue growing in new and interesting ways in the coming years.