A Comprehensive Guide To The Most Innovative Chatbots

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Technology has come a long way. What started as relieving humans of excessive manual labor in the physical world is now also transforming the digital realm. Chatbots are the latest example of this technological advancement. Despite garnering mixed reactions (“Are chatbots friends or foes?”), they are here to stay—and 2023 is their year. In this blog, you will learn about the five most innovative chatbots currently ruling the market and industries. 

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an amalgamation of the human mind and technological development. Chatbots are AI-powered tools that use machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and other AI-driven technologies to generate more precise, relevant, and responsive data. These software applications analyze human speech and languages and replicate them to enable conversations and interactions with people.

Today, users can access chatbots for various functions across multiple industries. A prime example of chatbot usage is its rise in customer service sectors. Companies relying on optimal customer experiences use chatbots to resolve queries, answer questions, and provide suggestions to increase user satisfaction.

ChatGPT Chatbot

ChatGPT took the internet by storm in late 2022. This application instantly captured the attention of users worldwide with its user-friendly interface and efficiency. Deemed the leading industry chatbot, ChatGPT studies human behaviors during each interaction and generates responses based on that data to make it more relevant and correct.

Chatbot GPT lets users enter a prompt at the bottom of the screen. After analyzing the input, it generates and stores the output, allowing users to use that data in real-time or save it for later. It also gives users the option of customizing and formatting the results. Although having a limited data archive—ChatGPT’s data is limited to the events that occurred before September 2021—the application has proved to be flexible, effective, and accurate.

Google Bard Chatbot

Google has taken the AI game to the next step by releasing a LaMDA-operated (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) chatbot called Google Bard. Bard is a rising alternative to ChatGPT due to its updated data sources. Even though Bard is still in the beta stage, it has made the user experience more interactive by merging with current Google tools, such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos.

Furthermore, Bard generates multiple drafts of a single response, allowing users to pick the answer they like best. It also lets users edit their input after entering it and stores each prompt and draft in its conversation history.

Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot

In early 2023, Microsoft launched a new tool in the AI space called Microsoft AI Bing. This AI chatbot allows users to browse the internet more efficiently. Once you input your prompt, Bing AI will go through the entire internet catalog, study the results, and create a single thread comprising all the relevant results and website links.

Perplexity Chatbot

In addition to having a limited data source, ChatGPT also does not work without an internet connection—Perplexity solves this issue.

Perplexity has a more engaging UI that stores and analyses longer and more complex prompts. This application generates an output based on the entered information and attaches all the sources to it. However, it leaves space for users to add a new search alongside the old one to continue searching or choose a link from the created list. Moreover, it pins the results on the bottom of the screen, making it constantly accessible for the user.

Jasper Chatbot

Jasper is a one-stop shop for all AI-related content. This conversational AI tool comprises templates for all social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It lets users generate video scripts for YouTube, long-form posts for LinkedIn, or short and interactive Twitter posts.


Wrapping Up

Chatbots are the talk of the town with their unique features, innovative designs, and practical functions. They equip all companies, regardless of size or industry, with a powerful tool that boosts productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

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