ABM Respiratory Care – Telehealth Ventilator & Airway Clearance System

The recent pandemic has disrupted the global respiratory solutions industry. It has been estimated that the rising demand for air filtration amid the COVID-19 pandemic will boost the global digital respiratory solutions market to $319.3 million by 2030. This resembles a growth of 36.2 percent annual rate from 2020 to 2030.

The trend of providing the same level of care in the home for patients with respiratory diseases and disorders will continue to develop. Medically frail persons are afraid to visit clinics and healthcare facilities for routine care after the pandemic. To help push home healthcare to the next level, telehealth solutions are being developed, thanks to the innovations brought forward by ABM Respiratory Care.

ABM Respiratory Care’s solutions are designed to be remotely monitored and updated, making it convenient for both care providers and end-users. One of the recent trends to have emerged in modern days is the requirement for at-home airway management. The long-term implications of COVID are unknown, however, the high risk of pneumonia in COVID patients causes lung damage in survivors. Patients with lung impairment are at risk for recurrent lung infections, which can develop into bronchitis or bronchiectasis. ABM’s airway clearance and other preventative therapy may help keep secretions from building up in the lungs. Patients, on the other hand, are not always compliant with this form of treatment. ABM’s airway clearance solutions provide a customized therapy strategy to help increase the therapy’s comfort based on the patient’s specific demands.

Staff shortages and an increase in the number of patients are putting pressure on all clinical settings, forcing them to perform more with less. It can be intimidating for the healthcare team to have ‘another portal to go to for information when medical devices in the home add web portals to their devices. This is where AMB Respiratory Solutions come into action. The company offers a portal that shows how the patient is using the device at home, including the date of therapy and the therapy settings. This information is useful at routine follow-ups to confirm that patients are adhering to their home care regimen.

ABM’s technology enables healthcare teams to manage by exception, receiving messages only when a patient exceeds a defined threshold. This helps the clinical staff to assist a patient in starting their therapy regimen or preventing a patient from becoming ill and needing to be admitted to the hospital.

In a recent interview, the company’s founder and CEO Vinay Joshi said, “Our ventilator will help the patient breathe when they are unable to or do not have the energy to do so.”

ABM Respiratory Care is reviving classic therapies, which means it is using telecare platforms to innovate traditional airway clearing and ventilation therapies and adding intelligence to the therapy to respond to the patient’s lung problems.

The company currently has two devices in the market and plans to release two more by 2022. ABM’s BiWaze Cough device, available in the United States, is the most hygienic cough treatment option there is. It features a unique dual air path technology that keeps expelled secretions and inhaled air separate. BiWaze has a dual blower design, with each blower dedicated to driving air through its own air channel, which runs from the patient’s mouth to the device.

That’s not all, as ABM’s Alpha ventilator happened to be the world’s first telecare ventilator. This particular device can be controlled remotely over a cellular connection from anywhere in the globe. The ventilator was created to meet the global demand for protection of healthcare personnel during the pandemic, as well as to reduce the training burden of new ventilator equipment and to provide access to ventilation therapy anywhere on the planet. This alone shows how innovative ABM’s approach has been right since the company’s inception.