Advanced Home Health – Bringing home health to your front door

Health disorders arrive with illnesses and depart with dependence, requiring care and compassion in the meanwhile. Traditional times mandated hospital admissions where patients felt trapped in medical wards.  However, the current scenario has changed; doctors now agree to a patient-oriented treatment plan, a therapeutic strategy that lets them heal in their adobe.

Advanced Home Health, a home-based healthcare service, is on a mission to accompany patients in their times of sickness, not in a hospital room but in their homely spaces. The company offers personalized healthcare services with state-of-the-art technology.

A qualified team of experts and compliance with the ethical guidelines are the cornerstones for a prosperous delivery of healthcare service. The company is backed by an authorized team, certified by Medicare and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, aiding them in rendering medical supervision to patients at their doorsteps.

Body wellness is much more than wound healing and physical fitness. WHO reported that nearly 20% of youth suffer from mental health issues. Advanced Home Health recognized this subject in its incubation days, and via a partnership with Zandier Counseling Services, it has designed protocols that address the behavioral health of the patient. This assists in accomplishing a 360-degree assessment of the patient’s well-being.

Not everyone in their senescence years is fortunate enough to leave the human body without a disease. During the last few years of life, terminally ill geriatric patients require peace of the soul rather than cure of the disease. Hospice is the traditional therapeutic practice utilized for the palliative care of patients in such conditions. With flourishing collaborations with Bethany Hospice and Mother Teresa Hospice, the company addresses the psycho-social and spiritual needs of the patient during the last moments of their patient’s life.

“All people deserve to age, heal, and when it’s time pass on in peace, safe, and cared for, within the place they call home. They deserve to do this with their self-respect and their dignity intact. We believe this to be a basic human right and fundamental to the culture we look forward to growing old in.” says Rich Griffin, CEO of Advanced Home Health, when asked about his vision statement.

Even in the testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company stood by its patient’s side and formulated unique plans to stay in contact with patients infected with the virus. A qualified clinical team was formulated to provide telephonic services. The platform fostered information to guide patients about the measures to avoid it, a symptom checker, anxiety workbooks, and developed some exceptional tools like orange theory workouts for mental well-being.

Although in-person supervision is the most appropriate and effective form of care; however, often immunologically-compromised patients with high infection risk require treatment in isolation centers. Advanced Home Health offers personalized services to such patients via telehealth services. It deploys a remote health monitoring system to record the vitals at home via hub console tablets. Regular consultation with physicians alongside clinical vitals helps in identifying risk factors and faster healing.

Medical care arrives with financial burdens and debts. Often families give up treatment due to a shortage of funds. The company accepts Medicare and Medicaid insurance policies and obliges to other commercial healthcare beneficiary plans as well.

Community participation and philanthropy convey the real human side of organizations. Since its inception, Advanced Home Health has actively supported societies like The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Alzheimer’s Association. Poetry workshops and fitness counseling sessions for locals are some of their initiatives to foster social well-being.