Advarra – Enabling Safer, Smarter, Faster Clinical Research

A leading CTMS solution provider, Advarra, believes in revolutionizing the clinical research space by making it safer, more efficient, and more accessible to patients. Human health is one of the primary priorities of clinical research, and Advarra aims to accelerate its development. Using new technology, tools, and software, the CTMS-focused company provides solutions that safeguard trial participants, improve clinical sites, solidify compliance, enhance the research sphere, and transform CROs, institutions, and research, medical and academic centers. With more than three decades of experience in the clinical research field, Advarra has the support of highly qualified and independent oversight committees, the latest and most efficient software solutions, sponsors, CROs, and consultants with industry connections and insight, and expertise.

The clinical research system faces various challenges, such as unethical practices, non-compliance, unidentified risks, and little to no development in life-altering methodologies. Advarra, with its integrated solutions, is on a mission to become an innovative, reliable, and trustworthy partner and give its clients a safe clinical trial ecosystem. Advarra’s foundation and vision are built on four core principles. The first value is creating a patient-centric framework that accelerates therapy development, understands trial patients and methods, and provides a healthier lifestyle. Its second core principle entails promoting ethical practices for the research communities. Advarra’s third principle is collaborating with clients to develop innovative solutions and deliver quick results. Lastly, the company aims to offer high-quality technology and tools.

Located in Columbia, Maryland, USA, Advarra aims to enable its clients to navigate clinical trials’ research-focused and highly regulatory system. It offers protocols that keep the patients safe and provides a convenient and accessible environment for researchers and trial participants. Advarra facilitates the operations and workflow at and between clinical sites by creating safe and collaborative technology and offering solutions, such as real-time clinical data and workflow management systems that optimize health data research and make the clinical site transparent, secure, and accessible.

We are bringing the power of the cloud and next-generation cloud computing to our customers in a modern, enduring platform that allows them to scale up with less cost and effort. The nature and complexity of clinical trials continue to evolve, and Advarra Cloud will help our clients be more flexible and accelerate the delivery of critical research activities,” said Gadi Saarony, CEO of Advarra.

Advarra constantly and regularly develops and upgrades its tools and technology to combat the existing and potential challenges in the clinical research system. Its OnCore tool offers visibility into every corner of research operations to enhance clinical trial management by working with academic, medical, and cancer centers. OnCore ensures a compliant billing experience, improves research operations management, enhances the information flow between systems, handles the protocol functions, and provides reports, data, and analytics to gain insight.

Advarra created the Clinical Conductor to transform the CTMS space. It is scalable, boosts finances, ensures regulatory compliance, and makes clinical research operations for clinical sites, hospitals, networks, and health systems more effective and accessible. Advarra’s Clinical Conductor streamlines patient recruitment operations, monitors tasks, increases profits, improves visibility, and boosts participant engagement.

Advarra’s mobile-friendly app, eConsent, is a user-centric application. It engages patients, helps them understand and navigate the system by providing simplified details, and enhances the consenting process. Compared to a paper-based system, eConsent completes audit trail for signatures, captures and updates re-consent documents, remotely handles video screening and system exports, is available in multiple languages, and supports built-in dictionaries and comprehension for different learning methods.

Advarra also streamlines data management, compliance, and collection through its Electronic Data Capture (EDC) tool. EDC is merged with Advarra’s OnCore application, supports lab result interface, streamlines workflow, and provides data safety and integrity. EDC boosts 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, prevents and controls duplicate entries, and manages data transfer interfaces.

Advarra has provided its tools and services to various firms and clients to enhance their clinical research experience. The company has offered analysis coverage, negotiated budgets, delivered custom eLearning applications, and provided technology staffing to improve the healthcare options and make the clinical trial management system more effective and comfortable.