Affirm – Buy now, pay later with no late fees or surprises

Credit card debt weighs heavily on the majority of US households. Affirm is on the way to ease this problem for millions already. With a Buy Now, Pay Later plan, Affirm is a way to pay your bills over time, at your own pace. The most attractive feature of Affirm’s plans is that there are no surprises or hidden charges, the users only have to pay what they agreed to upfront.

We’re here to improve lives. If that means more work for us, or that we make less money, we will always take the more difficult path in favor of treating people better,” remarks Max Levchin, CEO and Founder of Affirm. The brand believes in staying simple and transparent. Their goal is to help the clients make their desired purchases without breaking budgets every time.

We’ve heard Affirm pattern-matched to credit card issuers, but that’s intellectually lazy, as there really are more differences than similarities,” claims Max Levchin. Affirm’s business model is focused on a singular purpose– to make the user’s life easier and more enjoyable. In pursuit of this goal, Affirm offers flexible payment schedules that suit each user. The plans are fair with no hidden interests buried in the fine print.

Taking extreme care to be straightforward with the customers, Affirm makes sure that the users know exactly what they will owe and when they can complete paying off their purchases. No matter what, the users do not have to dread an annual fee, late fee, or any other fee that is usually taken by credit cards. Reiterating the transparency of credit cards versus the payment solution, Affirm’s CEO circles back with, “…which brings me to Affirm, which was conceived as something of an anti-credit card.”

Accessing the Affirm payment method is quick and easy. Proceed with online or in-store shopping and use Affirm at the checkout or request a virtual card in the Affirm app. Users get to set their payment schedule and set up AutoPayment to never miss a payment.

Affirm has lucrative business solutions as well. Affirm’s smart, powerful, and dynamic technology accelerates revenue and growth for businesses. These solutions increase customer awareness, consideration, and conversion across every channel—from e-commerce to in-store. The versatile nature of these solutions works for every business.

Together with Affirm’s solutions, businesses have driven their conversion to newer heights. With the Adaptive Checkout, businesses have seen a 20% repeat purchase rate, and over 12.7 million potential customers have made a purchase. Affirm gives a great advantage in increasing brand awareness, consideration, and conversion with their premium product suite.

Making transactions easier, Affirm has tailored solutions for various industries and businesses. BigCommerce’s expanded partnership with Affirm is a testament to how convenient the company’s payment solution is. Through this extended partnership, merchants on BigCommerce can now offer smarter payment options, delivering bi-weekly and monthly payment options side by side for eligible customers, on purchases ranging from $50 to $17,500.

In addition, using Affirm has led to increased sales and higher average order values, as much as 85% higher average order values, 26% increase in cart conversions, and 20% repeat purchase rates when compared to other payment methods.

With contactless retail taking over, Affirm’s modern financial technology can help both customers and businesses. This honest and transparent payment network system gives consumers a chance to spend and save responsibly and gives thousands of businesses the tools to fuel growth.

“It is our mission to improve people’s lives, and we fully intend to rise to the occasion and meet this demand — and we absolutely plan to maintain strong unit economics by only extending credit that we believe can and will be repaid,” completes CEO Max Levchin.